I'm Elyse.
This is just a little blog about our life.
An outlet for my sarcasm.
He likes baseball and ice cream.
I like Lost and Hawaii.
We like each other.

The story of us is something that I love. And it's true.
 Really, truly, pathetically and embarrassingly true.

The Story

So, same town, same high school. He was an extremely hott senior with a nice butt and biceps and a killer form in that catcher's gear during baseball season.

Did I mention he had a great half smile? And wink?  And the coolest friends ever? I did mention him in my journal quite a lot as a freshman. And collected pictures from him out of the school newspaper, and...


And me? Well....we'll just say that the really far set eyes and big teeth didn't get me anywhere. I was naive and awkward and laughed too loud and had a huge butt. And I was a freshman. 'Nuf said.

One fateful night at a main street fair in our home town, I am in a grocery store with a friend. We hear a suave "hi".  Look up. Lo and behold...the object of my affections, Mr. Dale Beard. 
I totally played it off cool.
 If cool means shaky knees and a 10 second halt before saying a wobbly hi. Ouch.  

Wow, talk about kicking myself for the next 4 years.
 I did write the experience in my journal that night in great detail.

Little did I know, that later in college, I would date his friend. And all three of us would end up hanging out quite regularly. I made out with this guy on Dale's couch, and Dale dated all my friends, but then this friend and I just didn't work out.  Naturally, after a really awkward night including the guy ignoring me the whole time, Dale jumped on that and asked me out on a pity date.

Actually, I'm surprised that we hit it off so well, considering that on our first date I told him he was the main man in my journal.

Ok, so I never grew out of the awkward stage.

We dated for a little over a year, did a few long distance months, had a lot of fun getting to know each other,  then he proposed to me and we got married in the St. George temple in May 2009.

Now we're just enjoying our big city adventures in Northern Cali! The boy is bringin' home the bacon working at an accounting firm in San Francisco and I just graduated with a degree in Elementary Education.
We are madly mad about each other.
The end.

Ok, it's not the end.
We had a baby girl.

She's adorable.

Her name is Vivian Beard

and now there are three.

NOW it's the end.


  1. Such a cute little family!! How funny, my husband and I knew each other--- okay, well I knew him (he was the senior, I was the sophomore) in High School too, but it wasn't until college we dated!

  2. Just found your blog. :) I LOVE the way you wrote this page. Very clever. And funny. Basically, I'm really excited to read your whole blog. And all of your future posts. The end. :)

  3. what an awesome love story! thats so great that you secretly crushed on him for all those years! too cute. and your baby is precious. :)


  4. I just found your blog, I love it and that fact that you are honest and say what we're all thinking about our lives! Your little family is adorable! I'm excited to follow along :)




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