8 years


In the bright bedroom,
the expanse of white linen, rumpled,
with a lived-in quality
tumbles across the bed
covering the sheets we sleep in and the minutia that comes
with little people in a house:
a stuffed animal kicked to the bottom of sheets,
a lego wedged in a back,
a forgotten blanket tangled in legs.

Our body indentations in the bed, curled towards each other
 most of the time.

In the bright bedroom,
In a spare moment, we find each other
and our souls find the pieces that connected in the beginning
We uncover the root that sometimes feels overgrown
With the weeds of life ;
wild with the necessity
of trying to make it and
trying to parent and
trying to love.

Instead of feeling like I love you out of convenience,
I feel like I love you like I did at our Origin Point.
For a small moment, I am washed away into the pull of you
and reminded of who we are

All three wrestle you
All three scream and laugh and play on you
Knees in noses, elbows in eyeballs,

But, still
it is only us.
You see me;

mess of a life.

But under the white linen that we bought when we thought our lives were headed up,

Under the six pairs of elbows and the six pairs of knees and the three little noses that we made when we knew we were more than us,

under the earthy weight of responsibility
and through the winds that scattered our persistence
and against the lapping tide of complacency,
your eyes lock onto mine.

In that moment
we tune it all out.
We uncover our common root.
We remember our Point of Origin.

In that moment,
the chaos we created melts away
And it is only us. You find my hand
Warm and familiar.

This moment is what we have to sustain us;
The water to our parched love.
For now, this is all we need.

Then reality comes rolling in and there are bills to pay and the kids are crying and fighting and you morph into the man who is a father.

You get up from the bed, leaving your indentation behind, curled towards me.

My eyes follow you, and yours linger on me as
Three small bodies crash into you.

We share a look of understanding.


Then you’re carried off in the meelee, laughing and
roaring like a tiger.

And I lay here
in the bright bedroom
curled towards you

Remembering how much I love you.



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