October-December, the fun months



October is my favorite month...well, it usually is, just not in California. Sure the weather is nice, but I'd rather have amazing foliage and crisp air and FALL. 

So one weekend we decided to try and escape up north to wear it's supposed to be colder to go apple picking! Hoping maybe we'd get a little glimpse of an East coast fall with some apple trees and pie and stuff, we took a little trip. Nope. too hot. no apples. NOTHING. just some hay mazes and frozen apple pies. But I'll take a weekend getaway any day. We stayed at a hotel, swam in the pool and tried to make the best of our East coast homesickness.

Lots of sweet afternoons between these two and long walks/geese chasing in the park with my little sidekicks while viv went to school.


 More pumpkin patch stuff with our friends




We started going to the library A LOT...and usually dressed as a different character every time.


Towards the end of October, I got to go on a little getaway trip with a few friends to Portland. I've always wanted to go, and I desperately needed a girls' trip. This fit the bill...and mostly i just took pictures of my food, which was especially amazing because Dale and i had just finished our first round of Whole 30 and I was good food deprived.

My favorite part was the open pottery night we went to and spent a few hours listening to chill music and making little pottery pieces and glazing them. They even sent our stuff to our houses a few days later. It was amazing.

Then, onward! on to Halloween stuff, which included pumpkin carving (I love it, but it gets subsequently harder every year. Kids, man).

AAAAND ward trunk or treat: the REAL reason why we dress up hardcore every year. This year, our theme KILLLLED it.
Presenting: our Circus, complete with A Circus Master, Bearded Lady, Fortune Teller, Strongman and Lion. Such a fun ensemble.


Then we all went trick or treating. and it was the best. Both of the kids loved it.



More random park days, church stuff and crazy kids antics



We went to Seattle to have Thanksgiving with family and had a really fun time up there. Our kids get along really well.




Bright and beautiful mornings with my kids

 fun outings with my friends (Lion King on Broadway in SF)

Picked out an overpriced tree and decorated it

 Took our annual trip into the city


One of my favorite holiday traditions is make a fire in our living room and roast s'mores. It's just so cozy.

 Christmas jammies

Oakland temple lights and other church-related stuff


 This picture cracks me up. Nursery is just a big mosh pit of boys and little Hazel always wrestling around in there.

My birthday and our Nutcracker ballet date snuck somewhere in there

cookie decorating and neighbor gifts

Birthday dates to see the Warriors play

Leaving cookies, milk and carrots out for Santa and his Reindeer on Christmas Eve

We did Christmas on our own this year, so this is our Christmas morning selfie. It really was a nice break, but got a little boring. We hosted a few families over for Christmas dinner AND I had my first performance in church as choir director (which I had just been called to 3 weeks before and have no idea what i am doing when it comes to music. Talk about stressed). But it was a really nice day and I loved that it was on Sunday. Just made the day extra special.

Baby's first Christmas! We had to wake up super early to make sure we would get to church on time and be able to have time to open presents and eat our special breakfast. Greta slept through the entire present opening chaos, and she was a little out of it. Super cute.


 We even had enough time to take a family church picture BEFORE church. unheard of!

 I was secretly helping plan my friend's 30th birthday New Years Eve party with her husband. He did all of the work and I assisted with ideas and execution, but it turned out amazing and was such a fun party to ring in the new year and celebrate my friend. She's pretty great.

WELL, how was that for a three-month travelogue? Maybe I should stay current on this thing and avoid annoying posts like this. Good thing no one reads blogs anymore. Over and out!


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