A Smattering of Summer 2016


Summer 2016: so full of FUN. Allow almost year-old pictures to do the talking in no particular order.

Rucker Lake camp out with our ward

A birthday campout for Mo:

Because he turned TWO!

We had a dinosaur/horse party, and it was the best.

We had parties with friends, too. This is his little twin, Wyatt.

More random, beautiful summer days filled with nothing but sleeping babies and playing siblings:

My baby looking so big

as much as i hate disney themed stuff, my kids have an awful lot of Mickeys and Minnies....

Tilden Farm

 4th of July

Boring Saturdays, and the reason why Dale is the favorite:

Berry pies

Carnivals with llama selfies

Swimming days....endlessly

Naughty two year old boys and crayons don't mix:

Spontaneous tea parties

Baseball games

Fun Saturday things with Dad


Watermelon on the porch


 Mother's Day, looking exhausted and beaten and happy

San Diego and Disneyland! This trip was so fun. Even though we ended up doing Disney on the hottest day of the year. Don't worry, it was only 106 that day, hence our very red faces. Insanity. But the kids did so well and had so much fun. Thanks Grandma Jan!


 Padres baseball game

Disneyland! We met as many princesses as we could. Viv could have died happy. We also got to meet Mickey and Minnie, which both of the kids are obsessed with right now too, so it was a really successful and very hot disney day.


Viv was so excited to be matching with her current favorite princess!

Seriously, look how sweaty my kids are. it was so hot, we kept dousing them with water. Their red faces!

We ended up skipping the parade at night and opted for taking the kids home early and letting them swim, eat pizza and conk out early. Jan offered to watch them while Dale and I headed back to the park and did our own thing. We ate fried food and rode all our favorite rides (INDIANA JONES FOREVER!). It was a perfect ending to the day, especially because it had finally cooled down.

Later in the summer, we took a trip to Utah and did all the things. Kids rode Grandma and Papa's horses,

We went fishing at Kid's Pond. Mo promptly fell in, head first. Hilarious, but he didn't think so.

My family got together....everyone. It had been 5 years! Crazy.

More farm, more horses.


The main reason we were in Utah was for our annual Pete family reunion. So we did that. I was mostly the nursing boring mom, holding sleeping babies on boats or on the beach. 5 month olds can be boring.

huuuuge bubble party from Uncle Jerry. Viv was obsessed with it, Mo wouldn't go near the stuff.

More family, more cute

More boating, more amazing Bear Lake water


 And the most amazing french toast ever at a little breakfast place right off Logan canyon. This is after Viv puked all over the car coming off those twisty mountain roads. Super yummy.

Our summer was a lot of lazy mornings, quiet afternoons and swimming until bedtime

Donut runs instead of gym runs


 Lots of big helpers, cute sib moments and figuring out this third kid thing. Summer saved my sanity, BTW.


 Greta turned 5 months, and started reaching for everything.

We played outside almost constantly. It makes the kids so happy, and makes me sane.

 Drive in movies errrrry day -- I wish. But a lot, because that's our favorite thing to do.

And then, school started. Viv started Preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mrs. Perona. her dreeeeeam come true. Look how adorable my little 4 year old was...and these two together? Kill me now. SO many heart eyes.

 Meanwhile.....my favorite picture EVER of mo was taken

And we got a lot of one on one time together while viv was at school.

And we went on a lot of walks at the nearby park while viv was gone too

Talk Like a Pirate day at Krispy Kreme

Viv's primary program:


 Lots of Oakland zoo days with our membership pass:

Morris the monkey, our preschool friend, loved coming to the zoo with us and watching the Baboons.

And then Greta turned 6 months and I wanted to freeze time. She is the best -- such a happy age. Not crawling yet, but sitting up like a champ and so happy and expressive. She's definitely a favorite around here.

She loves to just watch the kids at the park, and I love to watch those rolls.

Mo-isms. Always helping me in the kitchen and stealing food, hardly standing still for a picture. He has my entire heart, that boy. I can't help but smile whenever he's around, even if he's naughty.

Before school, being cute sibs.

I wish i had kept up a little better on this ole blog, because i have so many cute pictures of my kids and no record of what they did to go with them...so here I am, writing a terribly travelogue-y write up of summer as I remember it a year later. I guess something is better than nothing. Sorry kids! Mom's brain is destroyed. Put your therapy bill on my tab.


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