Mo Mo turns two!


My baby boy turned 2 last week. TWO! He is such a goofball...and a stinker. that kid gives me a run for my money. Just a few days ago he started yelling "NO!!" at me multiple times while pointing at me with his chubby little finger. "NO! NO! MOM, NO!".... anytime...well, every time I asked him to do something, even if I KNEW it was something he wanted to do. If that isn't a sign of a two year old, then I don't know what is.

The kid is a maniac. A crazy, energizer bunny-esque boy who specializes in hitting, wrestling, scratching and/or pinching his sister and me, and even biting his baby sister until she cries (when he is at his most destructive). But a lot of the time, he is a loveable bear of a boy who cries when he sees someone else cry and feels bad when he truly hurts someone. He loves to give hugs and kisses, he loves to cuddle up with his blankie on your lap and read books. He loves to color pictures and build towers out of megabloks and show them off to you. He loves to "hold detta!" every day while patting her balding head and kissing her cheeks. He loves to play pretend with viv and copy everything she does. He loves baseball and playing outside in the dirt. He loves food and eats almost everything you put in front of him (when he's not completely destroying it and throwing it on the floor). His favorite thing to do is eat an entire apple, core and all.

He has a mad obsession with dinosaurs, dogs, horses, alligators, sharks and all other little plastic figurines and stuffed animals. At any given time, he will have at least two in his hands, and most of the time a big armful. He loves to pile everything onto the play baby stroller we have and walk it around the house, unloading and loading at various locations. He also, like viv, loves to line up all his animals with precision, making sure they are all standing or sitting just so. When he wakes up in the morning, he makes sure to bring every single stuffed animal and blanket that he slept with that night into my room and pile it on my bed before he will get in to cuddle with me.

He loves movies and is into princesses right now (?). His obsession with Mickey Mouse has never gone away. He is talking up a storm now and is always putting two little words together to give me the perfect insight into his silly and mischievious little brain. He will run circles around the couch for minutes on end, his right arm bent and pumping back and forth with what I can only assume gives him extra running powers. He loves to laugh. He loves nursery and Jesus. He loves to be silly and tease us. He loves swimming and will jump off any surface at any time into the water. 

He's sneaky and there have been many times when I put him to bed, go check on him 1/2 an hour later to see how he's sleeping and find him upright in MY bed on MY ipad watching a movie, the little sneak! In addition, many many MANY times he has come to me and said, "mom, no no, no no", taken me by the hand, and pointed out his handiwork of coloring over every single surface of his room and the table and the walls. MANY times. 

Mostly, he's so cute I can't do or say anything to derail him. His behavior at times can be maddeningly frustrating and I do yell so much more than I should, but most of the time, Dale and I are choking back loud laughs and trying to subtely hide our smiles because he's hilarious 99% of the time. Problem is that now he knows it and uses it. Time to bring out the big guns. Terrible twos WILL be happening with this kid.

We decided to celebrate his birthday we would go on a little family camping beach trip down near Santa Cruz. It was just a quick trip to a church-owned campsite named Camp Lehi. We pitched our tent and roasted hot dogs and went on little hikes, made smores, played in the dirt and ate chips, probably in that order. It was a good ole classic camping trip. The kids did great, we had fun. 



The next morning, we packed up and set out towards Capitola Beach to spend the rest of the day. It was kind of a lot to plan, to pack, to be completely ready for both activities, but seriously, how awesome is it to be able to go camping, then drive 30 minutes and make it to the beach? For all its other faults, Northern California has some seriously redeeming qualities.


The day was fun and went surprisingly well until the last 5 minutes when Greta was almost drowned by a rogue quick tide that instead drowned my brand new library book and all my towels and stole my sunglasses and almost all of our shoes. It was crazy.....and decided for us that we were going home. haha. All things considered, the trip was a success. Not that Mo would have known any different.

Then we went to our favorite San Francisco Creamery that night. Because we are gluttons for punishment.

Mo's actual birthday fell on a Sunday, so it was a low key day that we celebrated with our family. We went to church, he took a nap, and afterwards we just played all day. It was a really fun day.


He specifically asked for a horse ROAR cake, which I loved. His two favorite animals smashed into one cake. He loved it.

I just love this happy boy who loves kissing all his animals and lining them up everywhere he goes. He's just the best.


Look at those beautiful brown eyes!

And just because it's so cute:

We love you Mo. Happy birthday little buddy.


  1. You're still blogging and I haven't been reading!! NOOO!! Well I'm updating my list of people who still blog and it's short. I'm glad you're one of them. Your kids are freaking adorable and I want viv's suit for myself.



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