Viv turns 4


Viv turned 4 today, and it has been a fun week. A little glimpse into what our life with a 4 year old looks like:

It includes a lot of dress ups and pouting

Coloring and painting in the quiet mornings when I decide to not wake up

playing with friends and constantly in a dress --- like rotating through maybe 3 of them.... and the rest of her wardrobe consists of princess dresses.

And on days when I don't want to fight the big fight, we make it out of the house dressed in our very best.

Living with a 4 year old includes a lot of hand holding with friends and doing "work outs" in her workout clothes and looking for flowers to make a bouquet.

We do drive in movies with friends and get popcorn and treats and basically anything she can talk her dad into.

Are you surprised? more dress ups. Blowing pixie dust into the wind and matching with little friends.

And also, ballet, because there is nothing cuter than a little body in a leotard and tights. She loved her first dance class!

A few days ago, we had a little party for her with some of our friends to celebrate. It was a simple thing because she specifically asked for the exact same birthday party as she had last year: a pink minnie mouse affair with pink balloons, a big minnie mouse balloon and a pink cake with white polka dots "except with a 4 this year, mom". Turns out it's easy to duplicate something you've done before when you're 9 months pregnant. So it was simple. Friends, bbq, pink stuff, Minnie. easy peasy, and the girl is easily pleased. She loved to have her friends over playing, singing her happy birthday and bringing her presents. She was so excited the whole day.


This was the best I could get of the kids...and we're even missing 3 or 4 of them that came, because hello. it's impossible to get a decent picture of kids. 

Today was her actual birthday, and we kept things simple. She chose her whole day. Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, a drive out to visit dad at work and eat lunch with him, making birthday cupcakes together during mo's nap, cuddling and watching a movie, park and her favorite birthday dinner, pasta with white sauce and broccoli. Afterwards we stuck some candles in the cupcakes we made, sang Happy Birthday and she licked off only the frosting (classic Viv move).



Viv is turning into such a sweet, beautiful person. She loves to cuddle and read, watch movies, wrestle her brother and listen to loud music. She's smart and loves to color and paint and learn her letters. She loves to dress up constantly and loves to pretend. She is funny and silly, loves to tease people and be teased. I couldn't think of a better sister for Mo Mo or a better big sis for this baby girl coming soon. I love watching her grow into the person she will become. This year has brought big changes for our family and she rolls with the punches and keeps a happy smile on her face. I love her so.  Happy birthday, my girl. I love being your mama.


  1. Happy birthday to Viv! Also, you make the cutest babies. Mo is sooooo chunky and I love it.



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