Mo at 18 months


holy crap. i guess i'll just do Mo at 18 months when in real life he's 19 instead. Because I"m all about keeping my blog up to date and current and stuff. You know? I mean, I haven't even blogged about my amazing trip to Scandinavia and it's almost been a year.


So, Mo Mo. Oh, he's the very best. Such a happy, smiley boy. I love him so much. He's busy, and silly. He loves to make people laugh. He loves dancing a little gallopy dance, shaking his bum, grinning at us with his little teeth and making dorky faces.

He loves food, especially apples and yogurt and goldfish and cheese. He loves animals and making their sounds (elephants, snakes, owls, lions, fish, dogs, cats, birds, monkeys, etc). He's started babbling more, but has a few choice words he can say well (apple, cheese, hi, bye, mama, dada, fif (viv), papa, more, purple, night night, turtle, no, yeah, ow, ouch, whoa, ball, book, uh more I can't think of right now). One of his favorite things to do, especially after dinner is wrestle with Viv and Dale. He body slams them and wraps his arms around Viv's waist and drags her down on top of him. He is a rough and tumble guy, and everything that I think hurts him, he looks up and laughs at me instead. What a boy thing to do, huh?

During a regular day, if he bumbs his head or steps on something or spills something, he pats that part of him with a serious look on his face and says "ow" until I react to it and ask if he's ok, then he nods and goes on doing whatever he was doing in the first place.

At 18 months, this little guy demands to be treated as a big kid. He's out of his high chair because he wanted to sit at the table with us, and after bathtime, insists on being cloaked in a towel like Viv as he leaves the bathroom, walking around with it as long as he can.

He's obsessed with those red striped rain boots and his best buddy Pluto. he wants to have both on him at all times. He makes sure to bring me those boots and hits me until i put them on him, no matter the weather, and Pluto or any kind of dog or mickey mouse character, stuffed or figurine, are usually crammed in his hands as he struts around the house. I can't get enough of his little obsessions with this stuff. He has a little stuffed dog he likes to carry around and sleep with and he is so obsessed with his blankie too. I can't keep it away from him, especially now that he's in a toddler bed (did I mention that? this new baby is making us do all kinds of crazy things -- but actually he's doing really well with it).

The boy loves books. He LOVES them. He wants a pile of them in his bed at night and during naps, and if he's being quiet for a long time, I'll usually find him randomly throughout the day sitting on the floor flipping through books. He also loves having them in the car and he falls asleep with them in his hands a lot. I love when my kids love books. His favorites are Peek a Who, The Wizard of Oz book, Goodnight Zoo, any Mickey Mouse book and I think he might be starting to like dinosaurs.

Also into sunglasses, because what toddler isn't, you know? He thinks they're the coolest thing ever.

Nobody reads blogs anymore, so i thought it would be appropriate to stick this bum picture in here. I mean, what is happening here? It's so chunky! and he has a roll on one side and not on the other? I can't get enough of the dimples.

I took these pictures the day he turned 18 months because he was acting so 18 month-y. Which means I couldn't get a decent picture of the kid because he wouldn't stop moving. I tried to get him to love on a baby doll so that maybe he'd realize that an invading baby is gonna rock his world in 2 months....he promptly threw that baby doll on the floor. It's gonna be fun, you know?



 He loves to play ball, play catch, throw things, hit things, make baskets...he just loves playing with any kind of ball.

His daddy is his favorite pal. He's obsessed with Dale, and the older he gets, the more attached he is. He wakes up and asks for Dadda, any time we go outside he asks for dadda, and randomly asks for him throughout the day. Once he gets home, he's attached at the hip, cries anytime he walks out of the room, blah blah blah. He loves his dad. It gets a leeeeetle old. But at the same time, I get a killer break on the weekend because he wants nothing to do with me. SWEET! He doesn't hate me during the week which is awesome.

This was taken on his first official day in nursery. He did pretty well and loved snack time...but now that we're a month into it, he's kind of sucking it up at nursery. He has a haaaaard time being separated from Dale, and even if I sneak him away he still cries. So that's fun. BUT at the time this picture was taken, he was pretty awesome and CUTE.

Also he loves his sister so much, and they are the best of buds most of the time. I love them together.

And then he was teething for a week and this little naked bum was the only thing that would make him stop crying for a good 5 minutes. maybe.

He's recently been into jumping off little curbs. he did this for a solid 30 minutes one day. he was SO proud of himself. When he's not jumping, he's running....everywhere. He has this cute little run where he throws his legs out sideways and waddle runs fast everywhere, giggling as he goes and his cheeks jiggling like crazy. I hope those cheeks never slim down.

He loves when I sing with him. His favorites are Popcorn Popping, 5 Little Monkeys, Patty Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and You Are My Sunshine, which I sing to him at night when he goes to bed. He loves to sing too, especially the Ariel song (while wearing Viv's necklaces). He just baaaaarely started folding his arms when we say prayers and it's so cute. I can't get over his chubby little arms folding over themselves.

How many times can I say "he's so cute" in this dumb blog post? A lot. Obviously. I'm not really writing up to par these days.

Moral of the story: Mo is such a sweet, lovable, squishy boy. Full of energy and silliness, busy and fun. He doesn't like to be bossed around, and he doesn't like listening to me. He gives the best hugs and kisses and loves his big sister and his daddy. I wish everyone could have a Mo in their lives. He makes everything brighter, you know? 

Happy 18 months, little squish.


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