Baby Beard Numero 3


Well....surprise! To everyone! Even us!

We're pregnant. again. Kind of (a lot) faster than I would have liked, but I guess these things happen when you don't practice abstinence (strongly considering that).

Turns out that the baby is due on March 27, 2015, just ONE day past Vivian's original due date of March 26th. And it also turns out that the baby is a GIRL! Dale and I really thought it was a boy, so we were super surprised, per usual of this pregnancy, that she was indeed a girl.

15 weeks
 Because of our crazy living and financial situations at the time we were supposed to find out the gender the normal way, we had no money, no way to get insurance and no way of self-paying for an expensive ultrasound, but decided we didn't want to wait for however long for things to work out and went to a little gender reveal place nearby. It was a special little time because both kids got to come with us and the office was set up for families with young kids. A huge, homey looking bed, a big screen tv, toys and books for the kids and a really friendly and sweet technician. The whole thing was just fun and comfortable, and we were so excited to finally see the squirmy thing in my belly.

The tech said she was probably gonna be a big baby, and showed us her legs that folded all the way up over her head. When she announced it was a girl, Viv had a bit of a melt down because she wanted another brother (though i think she just thought since Mo was her brother that there was no other way to have soemthing different). A little later she was so excited to have a sister and hasn't stopped talking about all of the things she'll share with her and all of the too-small clothes will be "just perfect for the baby!". Right away she wanted to name the baby Margo (from Despicable Me) or Margaret (from Daniel Tiger), and more recently has gone with Mary. I have no idea where that came from. Either way, she's been so cute, showing the baby pictures, telling her funny jokes, kissing and hugging my belly and asking if she's asleep or awake. It's been really fun with her this time around.

15 weeks
Mo? he's in his own little world, and I'm afraid he will be rocked when this baby gets here. Recently he's been lifting up my shirt and patting (read: hitting/jabbing) my belly and saying "bebe", so i think he kind of gets something, whatever that is. It will be an interesting transition, that's for sure.....He's still such a baby! I think that's the hardest part for me is the guilt of not being able to give Mo the attention he should get being so young.....and also i'll have to kids in diapers and probably two kids in cribs and two kids being babies. I think I might go crazy. It's gonna be a hard year....something I didn't exactly sign up for. I mean, technically I guess I did, but this space isn't an appropriate venue for that conversation ;)
20 weeks
Anyway, we are trying to gear up and get excited about this new change coming our way. I'm trying to pretend I'll ever have my shit together again. I probably won't....i think this might be the undoing of me. But geez, listen to me being all dramatic. Ha! What's new?

So, here we go! Bring it on baby girl! We're ready for you.....or we'll just pretend we are and hopefully you'll help us out. Fake it 'till you make it, right?


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