FLORIDA: 4th of July


Once upon a time we lived in Florida. Exactly a year ago we were sweating our guts out in the south, looking for a parade to crash. We had moved to Florida from New York and had been there for about a month, the heat was killing us and we couldn't get used to it. People had told us to ditch out on the parades because of the heat but we decided we wanted to go anyway. Surprisingly, it was hard to find a parade --- people were serious about the no parade thing. During summer in Florida, it's like 98 degrees by 9 AM.

Damn it was hot. but it was worth it. We had a fun time -- the parade was cute and the kids loved it.

 But look at those hot, red cheeks and sweaty heads! So freaking hot. That florida humidity does not mess around.

 Afterwards we drove home, went swimming in our pool, had a small BBQ in our backyard by ourselves and ate homemade ice cream....all regular 4th of July things we did to try and feel like we were at home and not all by ourselves.

After naps we headed to Clearwater and went to a fun little festival they had there. I mean....we heard it was good...we thought it would be good....but it ended up being a little ghetto in a ghetto little park. Florida trashy, our first experience with it. Gooooood stuff. But they did have a cool van that we could paint....so we did that.... and that's basically all we did there.

We heard that the park we went to had the best fireworks over the water and that you had to go to the park early to get seats. We did. We got a seat early....as in like 4 or 5 hours early. We got a great seat right by the water, didn't plan for dinner, didn't plan for anything really. just sat, sweltering in the overpowering heat and humidity that is Florida. I think we got a million popsicles for the ice cream truck, Viv's legs got eaten alive by bugs and by the end of the night, Mo was basically naked. It ended up being really fun, playing catch and tag, eating popsicles and taking walks while we waiting for the sun to go down.


Right as night rolled in, a storm also rolled in and the fireworks kept getting pushed back because of high winds. After waiting almost an hour after they were supposed to start, fireworks FINALLLLLY started going off, and it was the best. I love this picture below because it is so much my kids. Viv hates the loud, unexpected noise of fireworks and Mo was enthralled with all of it. He couldn't stop watching them, and it was so fun to watch him experience something new.


 After the fireworks we headed home and did our own little fireworks -- sparklers were a must. The kids loved them.


Even though we were alone, we had a really great Independence day in our new home. New places are hard to get used to, but I feel like we really made the best of our situation and ended up having the best day.


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