FLORIDA: in which we go to Bermuda via private jet


Once we lived in Florida. Dale had a kick ass job and his boss liked to live the high life. and I mean the hiiiiiigh life. As in, he took both Dale and I and a few other people from the office and FLEW US TO BERMUDA. FOR A WEEKEND. FOR FUN. ON HIS PRIVATE JET. We left the kids with my mom and WE WENT TO BERMUDA FOR FREE.

Everything was on his dime. He encouraged us to get room service. we didn't pay for A THING. We had long dinners at super fancy restaurants overlooking the ocean with bigwig lawyers with names like Mr. Bogart and lawyer's wives with rocks on their fingers that could sink the titanic, we met for drinks before AND after every meal, we did absolutely nothing work related.

I'm not kidding, it was the most amazing trip. No kids. no worries. It feels absolutely unreal now, but then, it was basically the beginning of our new lifestyle at this new job and something we felt we should get used to. I know that sounds kind of stuck up, but that was just the nature of the job (keep in mind, we had only been working here for a little over a month. CRAZY!).

 There was only one rule: No pooping on the private plane. ugh. talk about pressure! or lack of haha

We ordered room service like it was our job and ate it on our deck overlooking the beautiful ocean.

On our free day, we walked down the beach and explored cool caves and Little Mermaid-esque water sprays. We also went into the small town and had lunch, checked out the little shops and bought touristy souvenirs for the kids.


And basically that's all we did. Both nights we were there we ate dinners that lasted for hours with seriously wealthy people and had drinks afterward for another few hours. I was definitely the youngest one there by at 7 years at least. So that was kind of weird, but what do you do WHEN YOU'RE IN BERMUDA FOR FREE. I was very much out of my league, but I just wore some red lipstick and laughed a lot and wished I could drink a lot of alcohol.

Here's to the lifestyle of the past!


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