FLORIDA: Harry Potter World


Continuing the saga of that-one-time-when-we-lived-in-Florida. 

So. that one time we lived in Florida, we were super excited to live there for one reason, and that reason was that it was a destination.  A place people actually wanted to come visit. 

Our very first visitors happened to be my little brother and sister. We were SO excited to have them and had big plans for their visit. Mainly, the beach....and the beach. But mostly, the beach.

So, you guessed it! Went to the beach. We took them to Clearwater beach to check out that amazing white flour sand and catch the amazing sunsets. We took them to Indian Rocks beach to play at our usual haunt and feel how amazingly warm the water in the Gulf is. At home, we played in our pool with our cute floats, we walked to the park with the kids, we made cakes and did puzzles late into the night.

But the MAIN EVENT that I was excited about: HARRY POTTER WORLD.

As you may know, I am a Harry Potter fiend. Mostly obsessed with it, as is my brother (my sister, on the other hand, has never read the books, who even is she). I had dale take a half day off of work and I got to go KIDLESS to Universal Studios with the sibs. It was a dreeeeeam....a really hot, melty, humid dream. We went on a few Universal rollercoasters, checked out the sites and all that stuff, but mostly we hustled over to Diagon Alley, eager to buy ourselves some wands and drink ourselves drunk with Butter Beer.

You better believe that I, a 26 year old mother of two, bought myself a Hermoine wand with not even a tinge (ok maybe a tinge) of embarrassment. I got over the shame pretty quick. Best $40 I ever spent.

The dragon on Gringots breathed fire right as we cast our spells. Coincidence? I think not.

After we reveled in the magic that was Diagon Alley, we hopped on the Hogwarts Express and journeyed over to Hogsmeade to spend the money we didn't have at Honeydukes and eat dinner at The Three Broomsticks (which turned out to be amazing, btw, and I really wanted Hagrid and Rosemerta to show up. I know. I know).

We battled dragons and wandered and toured the Hogwarts castle (where I got interminably motion sick) and really just geeked out. I know it's over priced. I know there's not much to actually do there. but my fan heart was about to explode with fan-ness. It was SO FUN, and way cooler to go with someone who actually loves HP like I do....If Tanner wouldn't have come, I would have been forced to go with Dale and THAT would have been super lame.

Later, we went to the beach, had ice cream, rode in the jeep and relaxed. It was a perfect trip, and we were so excited for more visitors.


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