A year of Mo


Oh Mo, you heart stealer, you.

My baby turns one today. I can't say I'm sad....just...surprised at how fast time can go. This last year has really been so fun with my chubby, squishy giggly boy. He's brought so my happiness to me ever since the day he was born - he taught me how wonderful babies can be - how angelic and cuddly and sweet and perfect. He really taught me to slow down and enjoy that baby phase - to not expect too much of myself or my body. He was a liberating experience, and it's been so wonderful because of him. So. To you, Mo Mo. I love you baby cakes.

A little run down of my silly boy:

He has five teeth and crawls around like a little bulldog, hands turned in towards each other, head down and faster than a squirrel. Man that kid is quick! He can walk a few steps but prefers crawling over all else.  It's incredible how much different he is from Viv. She was a tease, and though he does like to tease us, he DESTROYS everything - he has broken several things in my house already. With Viv, I never had to baby proof or keep my eye on her or worry about it if she was being too quiet...but MO..he is a completely different story. If he's quiet, it either means he's choking on something he found on the floor or that he's ruining something important.



He climbs on everything (it's his favorite pastime) and he likes to pull everything out of every container (his other favorite pastime). His favorite way to something isn't around...it's over whatever is in his way. He frequently chooses to clamber over me to get to a book instead of taking the easier route of around me. He wrestles and body slams  and tackles us, playing as rough as he can. Lately he's starting trying to bite us, and we when pop him in the mouth and seriously tell him "NO!', he looks at us, smiles and pretends to do it anyway. He bites down lightly and laughs at himself. He is mischievous and thinks he's hilarious. I can't help but laugh at him, though, he's just to likeable. He's also super into almost walking...so he loves Viv's shopping cart, can back it up, turn it around and go super fast...but somehow figures he can't really walk when he doesn't have something to hold onto.

He loves to throw a ball and play catch - he's actually really good at it, and nothing keeps his attention like that will. He likes to give 5 when you ask, will wave hi and bye if he's in the mood, and will say dada, ba (ball? milk? i have no idea), and occasionally he will say Mama...when he's crying (lucky me). Other than that, he babbles and spits bubbles constantly, giggling at himself and his cleverness. Sometimes i think he tries to blow kisses, but it usually turns into him hitting himself in the face to make us all laugh. Not much makes him happier than being outside. He can play in dirt and sand forever, and anytime he hears the door open, he drops what he's doing and immediately darts for the door to escape, and as soon as he does, he finds a stick and leaves for each hand and clutches them the entire time we're outside.  We go to the beach almost every night after dinner and that boy just wanders, eating fistfuls of sand and shells, crawling chest deep into ocean waves, digging in sand and pointing at the birds.

He is a friendly kid, and it's a good thing too because everyone and their dog stops us in the store.  People stop to pinch his generous cheeks and he gives them the cheesiest grin he can muster -- he really is impossible to ignore. He just has the cutest face (I have it on good authority...from every person that sees him).

A few of his favorite things include swinging at the park, his gray blankie (he's obsessed with it), his little stuffed Mickey Mouse (he constantly stole Viv's so we bought him his own, which he always grabs by the hand and drags around the house). His favorite songs are Paddy cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider (which he does with his fat little fingers - heart melt), and Popcorn Popping (it makes him smile every time). He has recently started loving books and loves to turn the pages and lift flaps. He will eat anything and everything, but if you don't get him his food, and particularly his milk, to him fast enough, he grunts and yells and tells you with his entire body that he WANTS IT NOW. Patience is not his most prominent virtue.

As for Viv and Mo together...they are the best of friends. She is a wonderful helper for me and loves to entertain Mo whenever she can. Mo loves when Viv plays with him. She runs in their shared room when he wakes up and plays with him in his crib until I come get him and it's their favorite thing to do. He's a big tease to her, pulling her hair, poking her and pinching her when she tells him not to. He is such a typical little brother!


Last night I rocked him to sleep, whispering his birth story in his ear as he nodded off with his pointer finger in his mouth. He's too big to just be on my chest these days, so he straddles my leg and lays his head on my shoulder and I love it so much. He's such a little boyfriend.

I'm sure there's much more about my little chunky love that I'm missing (he's been missing way too much this little blog space), but I just want to remember what a joy he is to have around, how happy he makes us all and how excited I am to see what he turns in to. Happy Birthday Mo Mo. We love you more than you know - thanks for keeping us happy and laughing every day.


  1. Mo Mo!!! He seriously is the sweetest! I love this post and all of these grown up Mo pictures! He is getting so big and handsome!!! Happy Birthday little dude!



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