a little birthday party for a big guy


Well, we're here. In Florida. Alone. I've been ok about it, except that It's MO'S BIRTHDAY! We literally know nobody here. So, his birthday party was small. I feel a little bad because Viv's first birthday party was a big celebration with a lot of friends. Mo's? Well....it was just....us. The best part? HE'LL NEVER REMEMBER IT!

We celebrated Mo's birthday a day early since we had a Tampa bay Rays came slotted for his actual birthday night. To make things less stressful on myself, I changed tradition and celebrated NOT on his real birthday (that was embarrassingly hard for me to do - i'm a tradition/rule girl).

Anyway, it was fun! Viv helped me make the cake with obvious ulterior motives:

We threw some streamers and balloons together, made a little chocolate cake with marshmallow frosting (and sprinkles! per Viv), and I put together party hats to make it feel like I really planned this thing (I didn't). What's the point of planning an extravagant party if no one is there to praise you for it? (ha!)

And yes. The balloons were a big hit. In hind sight, I shouldn't have bought him any presents at all. When will I learn? One year olds DO NOT CARE.

SO, in our highest, most falsetto-y voices, we sang happy birthday to the birthday boy and presented him with what would become his best friend. He didn't have any idea what it was until we showed him it was edible.

Then he was alllll over that.

That kid devoured that cake with two fists, shoveling, squeezing, smashing and throwing. It was his paradise, and his cheeks can attest.


Here's a little video for those who care (me): 

annnnnnd i'm super annoying because I JUST WANTED A PICTURE IN OUR PARTY HATS! it was disastrous. Why would anyone ever want a family picture together? Oh the horror.

Afterwards we did presents....and yeah. He didn't care about those. I told you, balloons. Balloons all the way.

the next day on his REAL birthday, I gave him a waffle with a candle in it to make myself feel like a better mom...because seriously, that's the only thing that indicated it was his birthday that day. Ha! I'm (not) the best!

And we ended the night at the baseball game where he grinned his little heart out, clapped, crawled everywhere and stole our popcorn. Isn't he the sweetest? My heart about burst with all the grins he was giving me that night.

And anyway...who needs friends when you have the coolest little family ever? Not that guy ^^^
Happiest birthday little (big) Mo!


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