lasts of ithaca


To mark these our last days, I need to give a little tribute to that which I have dubbed "lasts of Ithaca". all the the last things of this place that I've truly come to love.

Like the time we went to a hockey game, Cornell vs Harvard, and witnessed dead fish be thrown on the ice.

Girls nights/brunch/breakfasts/picnics with these two, this one in particular being our Galentine's Day Date to the Carriage House to stuff our faces.

Cute friends playing dress up constantly at the YMCA

Date nights with our family away from family (this is the one time it actually happened)

Date nights with my love in the snow
 eating snacks while wishing we could be outside

taking walks in Sapsucker woods outside our house.

Watching these friends play together constantly

Riding bikes up and down the sidewalk -- for hours.

Lazy afternoons reading books and eating popcorn together while cuddled in bed

watching this girl love random snow storms so she could eat all the fluff that she wanted.

the random snow storms in April that I hated so much but were undeniably beautiful sometimes.

Baking afternoons with this little sass

breathing a huge sigh of relief when spring actually did come and was showy about it.

relishing in our last warm days together and playing outside after Sage Social on campus

and again (our husbands take terribly unflattering pictures of us)

and again: the sunshine and last days and beautiful people. Give it all back to me!

Warm days reading together outside on a blanket while Mo sleeps, dad sleeps and we girls read

Picking "bwutiful" yellow flowers for me because "yewwo is your favowite, right mom?"

watching young love blossoming even more. Arranging marriages as we speak.

Watching BOCES nursery school graduation and seeing viv be so proud of herself


 Loving her little class and the opportunity she had to go to school with so many of her cute little friends

Seeing Viv love on one of her teachers (Miss Bree, her very favorite person ever)

 Meeting these beautiful women who mostly lived at Winston Court or met through church that weathered this storm of Grad School with me. They are wonderful and I miss them.

left to right: Chloe Coles, Jennifer Curran, Melody Kuhre, Laura Hogge, Rose Forsyth, Jackie Teusch, Liz Lambson, Kelly Goulding, Ashley Pritchett, Lizzi Budge. Front: Clarissa Ryan, Me, Kristen Crespo, Melinda Peterson

Again: arranging marriages. as. we. speak.


watching the kids be wild with childhood, climbing trees, getting dirty, being kids. My favorite part of our stay there.

waiting endlessly for dad to get home from school and running to meet him off the bus.

Viv's last day of nursery school, saying goodbye to her cute high school teachers.


eating meals in our kitchen with the light shining on Mo and making everything seem beautiful

Picnics out in the field with friends while the kids play and the mosquitoes eat us alive.

Watching Viv grow and work so hard at her speech development with one of her favorite people, her Speech Therapist, Lauren. Almost a year working with her, and she was so great and helped so much. We are really really gonna miss having her around.

Sneaking in on this sweet boy napping in his well-lit room while the sounds of kids playing drift through his window.

Eating popsicles on our front steps to beat the heat and enjoy the sunshine and the end of a long day of playing.

Saying goodbye to friends at the YMCA, particularly her teachers Miss Tiffany and her best little friend Tora, who Viv demanded to match with every day, have the same hair style, bring the same snacks and play together constantly. They were adorable and we were so sad to leave the Y.

The beautiful temple in Palmyra and the rich history that goes with the area.

 The beautiful flowers in summer that livened up the green surrounding everything. I'll miss your climate and how beautiful it made everything.

Taking these littles on a last date to see the circus together and buying them allllll the stupid overpriced light up toys.

Saying goodbye to our little apartment where we grew as a family, as a couple, as friends. My apartment that saw lots of parties, kid play dates, messes and dinners and late nights and endless friendships that I'll cherish forever.

And finally....saying a really really tearful goodbye to our apartment at Winston Court and to some of the hardest, best years of my life. Saying goodbye to friends who turned into family, goodbye to inspiring people, a beautiful place and a piece of my heart. I can't even write this without crying from the heartache of missing it. Moving on is so hard. 

Ithaca. I hated your winters. Despised them, really. But I love you. I love your green places, your amazing fall. I miss sitting outside in your constantly damp grass and chatting with friends while the kids play for hours...literally. I'll miss my kids having such great little friends, friends who play together every day, friends they still call their very best and will always remember. I'll miss your wonderful farmer's market, your dedication to all things organic and fresh and local. I"ll miss your college atmosphere and the inspiring, creative people you brought in my life. I'll miss the chances I took here and the person I was challenged to be. I'll miss living close to friends and women and kids in the same situation as us. I'll miss breakfast club and being able to know my friends' pantries and then run to their house to grab it and end up talking in the doorway for 20 minutes. I'll miss going on campus, I'll miss Wegman's. I'll miss the life you gave me for two years that changed who I am, gave me some of the best friends a girl (and her kids) could ask for, and a new appreciation for unexpected changes and the blessings that come from them.

I will never forget you and the place you have in my heart forever.


  1. Catching up on your blog today, this post made me cry like a baby! I miss Ithaca so much! Beautiful writing friend!



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