In which we graduate


So, remember that one time we were in grad school? well....we graduated.

we did it! it was such an exciting weekend for us, really. a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into these two damn years. Dale's mom and grandpa flew in to watch graduation and so did my mom and dad. 

we made it into one big graduation weekend. Big dinners, BBQs, last shin digs with friends and all the family visiting them. It was a really great last weekend.

Saturday was the Johnson School of Management graduation, so all the MBAs got to gather together and that was cool to see. All the grads left early to line up and such, and since us Mormons were the only ones with lots of kids, we kind of took up the entire top space and let the kids run wild together.


Also, this freaking cute duo. Graham and Viv. I MISS THEM!!! I think they might get married one day. Look how cute they were that day!!


And THIS cutie....well he was a trooper and happy as could be....even though I realized half way through the ceremony that he had a pretty good fever and had sprouted a couple teeth that I hadn't noticed. So if he looks a little zoned out...that's why. I'm the best mom ever and don't notice when my kids are teething. Ha!

Viv and Stu

Mo and Grandpa. He was loving his scratchy beard.

After not seeing family for so long/not very often, the kids loved having so much attention and I loved not having to take care of my kids. Win Win Win.

This is the best picture I got of Dale receiving his diploma...The kids were invited to walk across the stage with the grads if they wanted, and Viv wanted to until it was literally her turn and got I was consoling an irrational three year old instead of taking a picture that culminated our last 2 hard years... (because after he got back she was devastated because she wanted to go with him....freaking kids).

Proof of Mo's teething dilemma. He never falls asleep on people and he was zonked.

Anyway, we were just super excited school was over. FOREVER!!! (or else). So proud of that guy on the left and all of his hard work and sacrifices he made for us over the past couple years. He worked his butt off and he is basically amazing. SO HAPPY.

Dale with his Grandpa and his Mom, both huge supporters of our educational endeavors:

And my dad and mom, also so helpful to us while we've been in school.

And THEN there's these people who I literally would not have been able to survive school without. The Petersons (Matthew, Melinda, Opal, Eli & Clara), and the Ryans (Mike, Clarissa, Stu and Graham). They were our family in New York, our home away from home. All the guys were in the same program together, we all started together and we all pretty much ended together too (Matthew stayed an extra semester to finish his dual degree). We sure love these people. Lots of dinners together, parties, and fun vacations. I will miss them so much it hurts to think about it.  Our kids are like siblings now, and that part will probably be the move them away from each other. I think for the most part we spent every day together in one way or the other. Change is so hard, even when' it's good.
Then there are my sisterwives who I love dearly, Melinda and Clarissa. We have the best group texts, we know each other's pantries, borrow things endlessly, exchanged babysitting, sat on the grass in Winston Court for hours every day while the kids played, or commiserated in our living rooms while we watched the snow and brutal cold make our hours drag oooooon and oooooon. Our husbands were non existant, we ate dinner with each other A LOT, and did so many fun things together. I will miss them both so much. We say all the time that we prayed each other into our lives when we came to school -- all of us desperate for friends, for fellow moms who knew where we were coming from, who got us, who we clicked with. I just think it's a miracle we found each other, that our kids got along so well and that our personalities melded so seamlessly. It was a tender mercy for sure, and I feel so lucky to know them.

Does it sound like I'm writing a love letter?? HA! I totally am. I just don't think you guys understand how much I NEEDED them these last two years. Anyway, this was a really bittersweet day for us, if you didn't catch that.


All the LDS MBA guys -- we did a lot of things with this fun group, in school and in church.

And with their wives, who are all wonderful people.
left to right: Melinda & Matthew Peterson, Clarissa & Mike Ryan, Liz & Sam Lambson, Kelly & Sam Griffiths, Rose and David Forsyth, us, & Lizzi & Jeremy Budge

When we got home from the ceremony, our awesome downstairs neighbors, the Rikers, had written all these congratulations on our steps in chalk -- fitting since we spent so many hours on those steps with chalk and toys. They were so sweet! We will miss those good people.

That night I we had little dinners with our individual families and then met outside our apartments to roast marshmallows and make s'mores on our little fire pit one last time. Lots of laughing that night. I already miss it so much.

Sunday was the entire Cornell University graduation -- undergrads and Masters and phds from every subject came and "officially" graduated. It was pretty cool to see everyone in the stadium...although this part took FOREVER. Luckily the kids stayed home with my parents and I got to be there to watch alone. It was a really exciting day for everyone. Below are the MBA grads walking to their section.

And just like that (well, not that fast...i wish.) After LOTS of motivational speeches and all that good stuff, we were DONE! Of course I took too many pictures of Dale in his gear but I was just so proud of him.

That night we put together a little BBQ with some a few MBA friends and their families in front of our apartment building. It was perfect weather. We grilled burgers and hot dogs, everyone brought sides and desserts, we pulled out all the chairs and blankets we had and we visited, laughed, ate and enjoyed each other's company. We really did not want to think about being separated the next few days, so we just pretended like we weren't going to. And it was so fun for our families to all meet each other! 




And then.....well, then we had to leave. We were packing up to leave on our trip to Scandinavia the next day, So I had to say goodbye to some of these people for good, and then I had to say goodbye to Clarissa and her family for good too the next day (since they were moving before we got back from our trip). I bawled like a baby. It was the worst time ever. 

Anyway, it was a great, bittersweet weekend. So excited over our accomplishments and the closing of this chapter of our lives, but so heartbroken over leaving friends that were family and a beautiful place that we fell unexpectedly in love with. I will never get over Ithaca or the people I met there.

But hey! we got a degree! WAHOO!!!!!!


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