My babe turned three in March and we partied like rockstars. This year was so fun because she reeeeeeally got excited about it. She had been talking about her "birfday in maaaahch" and she knew she was turning three while holding out three shaky fingers.

Grandma came to town to celebrate with us, and the kids were in heaven. Viv loves my mom, and she's spoiled when she comes. Mickey Mouse and cuddling with grandma are on Viv's top things she loves to do, so that's what happened.

Because her actual birthday fell on a Sunday, we let Viv choose what she wanted to do the day before. Of course, she chose a movie. We headed to Cinderella decked out in her new princess digs from the Disney Store. She was so excited to wear her "pwetty pwetty pwetty shoes and pwincess dress" in public and she twirled and danced and waved her wand everywhere she went. It was pretty adorable, and I totally cried a few times watching her -- I get really emotional on birthdays, it's pretty annoying.

Anyway, this is from the theater after the movie, and although we had plans to eat pizza for dinner afterwards, she really wanted to wander around the mall, darting here and there, touching whatever she wanted and taking as long as she wanted in each store. That's basically her dream since I'm always hurrying her everywhere she goes.

Freakin' cute, right?

For weeks, even months before her birthday, Viv was obsessed with having a PINK PARTY.  A pink Minnie Mouse party, which she talked about constantly. Whenever I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she requested a crown and a pencil (?) and a "big, Big, BIIIIIG Minnie Mouse!!!". When I asked her who she wanted to come to her party, she listed only her four favorite friends and was adamant that Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Pluto all be at her birthday party, no matter how many times I tried to explain to her that they probably wouldn't be able to make it.

Sunday morning Viv woke up to a huge Mickey balloon and all her favorite clubhouse characters in party hats. She was SO EXCITED about the big Mickey balloon. I'm pretty sure I could have just gotten her that and she would have been happy.

 She opened her presents and loved on her big big biiiig minnie mouse. She's been super obsessed with princess dresses, constantly wearing her princess sleeping gowns and dressing up ("wearing my outfit mom!") at the gym every day. She got some pretty dress ups for her birthday and throughout the day changed her outfit a million times. Cutest. Thing. Ever.




After presents were opened, we all had her special birthday breakfast (she requested oatmeal-her very favorite food of all time) and sang happy birthday to her. She loves that song, and she was so happy we were finally singing it to her.


The rest of the day floated by slowly as we waited for her party to start. We invited our Ithaca family to have dinner with us and have a little birthday party for Viv and Clarissa (they have twinner birthdays).  Viv dressed up in her new Minnie Mouse dress and waited excitedly for her friends to arrive.

Waiting is like the worst kind of torture for a three-year-old, so she had all of her friends watch themselves on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while she waited. I was dying when she set this up on her own.

You wouldn't believe how ridiculous it was to try and get a decent picture of these 5. Viv started crying, Everyone was talking, Nobody would look at the camera and Viv kept standing in front of her friends and being a brat. This is the best I could get. Ha!

Finally we broke out the candles and cake, and it took Viv a million times to blow out this tiny thing. Her friend Graham is a little younger than her and kept trying to blow out the candle (and almost succeeded), and at one point I was teasing Viv about spitting all over the cake, and her other little friend took me literally and launched a huge spitwad towards the cake (just trying to be obedient! Hilarious). Viv was getting a little frustrated at the whole thing...

Finally she succeeded with a little help from me and all was well.

Also, Mo. Just happy to be there.


After cake, these two girly girls dressed up in a million different outfits, giggling together. I love that there's at least one girl around here that Viv can be girly with.

The party was exhausting. Little apartments and big parties are not a good mix, so we all conked out afterwards, and that was that.

She had such a fun day, and it made me so happy. I have loved the last three years of my life with this girl. She has filled our lives with so much laughter and silliness, and it's sad to think how fast it's going. Even though birthdays are emotional for me, they really don't get any better with kids. And gosh, don't they grow up to be the most wonderful people on earth?

Happy birthday, sweet Viv. We love you!


  1. hahaha! This is the BEST! I love that blowing out the candle picture!! Graham trying to steal her thunder and Stu... gross! The party was awesome, you're a pro these kinds of things.

  2. I love that oatmeal is her favorite and that she set up all her "friends" to watch mickey mouse club house. Ha! That girl. I miss her.



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