Easter was pretty chill this year. It happened on the tail end of Spring Break AND was combined with General Conference, making that week a whirlwind of activities and ending in a relaxed, laid back Easter as we recovered from our trip and enjoyed the last bit of having Dale all to ourselves.

As expected, Easter was cold. It was frigid. While the rest of the country was dressed in pretty floral dresses and flitting around in the green dewy grass looking for eggs, we were not. I was determined to have Viv wear some kind of springy Easter Dress to hunt eggs in, so we put it on with rainboots and her winter coat, I hid some plastic eggs 5 minutes earlier and we tromped outside to hunt for eggs  to get some pictures in swirling snow AND WE WILL ENJOY IT DAMNIT . I'm a bear when it comes to traditions, and Easter Egg hunting is TRADITION people. It was just our little family, bundled up, teeth chattering, hand blowing, feet stomping, looking for eggs and pretending it was spring. Ya. That lasted about five minutes. 



 Easter Morning dawned bright and early and I realized that the Easter outfits I had bought for the kids were kind of pointless since we didn't actually have church. Man, I am so on the ball, you know? Pinterest mom for sure. I tried to keep things small and simple, doing a fun easter egg hunt on Saturday and then doing a Jesus Easter egg hunt on Sunday to keep the focus on the Savior -- something I'm really terrible at. The kids got their baskets with a few littel things in them and we went looking for our Resurrection Eggs (Have you heard of those? It's Basically just six (or 12) eggs with little trinkets in each reminding that symbolize Jesus, the Atonement and the Resurrection.) This simple activity took me about 5 minutes to put together but was SO effective. Viv was really engaged in our conversations about the Savior and it was a perfect start to our morning.

It's now tradition to put these mangy old bunny ears on the kids for Easter every year. Viv is on the left and Mo is on the right. I love how different they look! Their personalities are totally embodied in this picture.

 Viv unknowingly picked out her Easter dress when we were at Target one day. We were meandering (as we always do) and when she saw this dress, breathed out a big "oh my goodnessss!!!", tenderly picked it up, held it up to her and twirled. "mom, it's so bwutiful!!! can we buy it? Pwease??". She's really into all things twirly, sparkly, dress up and shoes right now, if you couldn't tell. I really didn't love the dress, but she was so enamored by it I told her no and then bought it later. She LOVED it and wore it all day, along with her first little heeled shoes. She dubbed them her princess shoes and never took them off.

Mo got cheerios in his easter eggs and it was basically the best idea ever. Those things kept him busy for a while. Don't get between Mo and his food!


General Conference was nice, though the Saturday session was a big joke. Our internet randomly went out and we COULD NOT get anything to work. We tried to watch conference all day, and between screaming, ornery kids, snow in April and the internet freezing on us all day, we gave ourselves points for trying and quit. Sunday was better. Much much better. For lunch, I set out some food in bowls on the floor and printed out pictures for each bowl. Viv was charged with listening for key words that went along with the pictures (ie: family, love, temple, Heavenly Father, Jesus), and every time she heard a word, she got to eat a piece of whatever was in the corresponding bowl. Now, I really don't do stuff like this....like ever. I don't plan ahead well and procrastinate more, but I was feeling extra guilty, so I tried to do something to make the day go smoother, and I have to say....WOW. This tiny and simple thing really blew it out of the water. Viv was SO ATTENTIVE, like the entire two sessions of conference. Every time (and I mean EVERY time), she got so so so screaming excited and hurriedly ate whatever was in her bowl. She could hear the words even in the other room. It was kind of amazing how well it worked out, and it was a big testimony to me of how attentive and open children are to learning new things. It really inspired me to be better about flooding the kids lives with gospel-centered things.

Anyway, after a kind of pathetically small dinner of chicken cordon bleu and cheesy potatoes with our bachelor neighbor (his wife was out of town/my kids were throwing fits and ready for bed), we called it a night.  It really was a weird Easter...but I think I'll remember it for a long time. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't filled with family or friends, but I really felt the spirit of Easter and felt like we got to focus on what the day was really about, and that's what I loved about it.

And you better believe I dressed the kids up in their Easter outfits the next week for church. It's tradition, damnit.

**This and other successive posts are written hurriedly in my attempt to catch up on my life via blog. It's been too long. I love to write and take my time, but these next few will be travelogue-esque as I try to piece together my not-so-long-ago past. Bear with me**


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