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Oh, Mo....where do I even start?

He's 6 months old, and has barely made any appearances on this blog. SIX! time has stolen by. It has been wonderful and exhausting, these last six months. Mo, he really is a dreamboat. Positively, absolutely a happy happy baby.

around 2 weeks old and SO handsome


2nd day home from the hospital

So, let's talk about Mo. We rarely call him Merrill, as Mo just fits him so well (though that was not our intention when we named him).

Although he was born at an average weight, the boy packed on the pounds after his first month, putting him in the 98th percentile at two months. By three months he was 16 pounds -- bigger than a lot of 16 month olds! I mean, seriously, the kid is a chunk! See below for evidence and hold onto your heart:

So, first, his cheeks. His cheeks probably hold most of his weight (his thighs coming in a close 2nd). Those cheeks...those delicious cheeks! 

They drown out his lips...and from the side, they are barely visible, such is the great mountainness squishy delicousness that are his cheeks. SERIOUSLY I CAN'T STOP KISSING THEM. The rolls on his neck, the way his wrist roll is so deep it looks like it's a separate's unreal.

around 3 months 

shots at 3 months and 16 pounds!
His heels are covered by a roll, and his love handles are out of this world. And though he sounds pretty fat, he's actually evening out now that he's 6 months... his cheeks have diminished imperceptably, his body lengthening just a bit to make the fat look a little more spread out. A lot remains, and people stop us constantly, commenting on his big cheeks, asking how old he is and always surprised at our answer, expecting 3-4 months older than we replied. He stops people in the streets -- they do double takes, or lean over and whisper to their friend about how cute his face is. they pinch cheeks, grab tiny fingers, make faces close to his. He tolerates it all with a nice little grin or an empty stare that accentuates that chub on his face---I like to think he does it on purpose, to put on a show for the customers.

He has beautiful brown eyes, almond shaped like mine, has a nice combination of our skin types (he got excema though, damn) and auburn hair that has a nicely placed cowlick in the back, making his hair do a permanent part and comb over thing. He looks like such a dapper little gentleman.

And don't forget our siren trick that's now made both our kids cry:

He loves Viv and watches her all the time, laughing, grabbing her hair. Viv is so great with him...they have been a cute pair, I die every time. He loves his daddy too, but me? I'm his very favorite. YES! FINALLY! It feels good to have a mama's boy after such a dedicated daddy's girl.

When Mo is crying and I'm busy, Viv grabs a book and reads to him so he'll be happy. Sweetest big sister ever.


 Viv and Mo together on his first night home. She wanted him to sleep in her bed (cue heart eyes)^^^

He has such a sweet little personality. That Mo. The boy I had to stop shopping in the baby section for at 3 months old. Nothing fit him...and if it did, only for a week. We've been buying 12 month old pants and shirts for a while now, just so the waist with button comfortably, just so the shirt will cover his squishy love handles and cute pokey belly.... although the length in the legs and arms just drown him.

Now that he's older, he is starting to prefer a bottle over me, because I guess I just ain't got the goods fast enough anymore?!? It was a random change...he's basically weaning himself slowly but surely...I'm good with it. He's much easier to satisfy when he gets control of his own bottle, silly chunk.
Also,  he LOVES THE BATH - especially sitting up and splashing, playing with his stacking cups, and even being on his tummy in the water. Nothing else is guaranteed to make him as happy as the bath does!

Mo at 6 months

He is obsessed with our food like a hawk, and devours 2 cartons of food at each feeding. I mean, seriously, who is this chunk!?

Mo at 5 months
His nickname from our friends is in 99nth percentile. kids got chunk. he's over in everything-height, weight and head circumfrence. and boooooy does it make him deliciously squishy and chewable.
5 months visiting Florida

He's been cooing to himself in the mornings when he wakes up around 6:30. He's just so happy. He has a perma grin on his face (unless he's hungry, watch your back), and he gurgles and squeals at you, plays and gives big wet open mouth kisses as he pulls your hair and grabs the skin on your face as hard as he possibly can, just to drag you down into his slobbery mouth. Big smiles, big kisses, lots of arms excitedly flapping and kicking of those unbelievable roly thighs of his.

5 months

I just never knew a smile could melt me so quickly.

5 months in Florida
I can't describe how happy this boy makes me. I love Viv, and she has some hilarious almost-three year old things going for her right now which deserves a separate post of its own.... But right now, Mo is healing my belief that all babies are crazy psychos. He is convincing me that babies aren't so bad---it really can be such a beautiful, amazing and fun (albeit incredibly exhausting) experience to have a newborn! We had rough patches, all-nighters, scream fests, a little crazyiness from lack of sleep and showering...but we got through it. 3 months, head down, get through it, done. 3 months, a beautiful time, yet exhausting. I got a chance to enjoy that stage as much as i could between being so tired i couldn't think straight--but i let myself love him, with no expectations of him, or myself or the state of my house. Cultivating love between my two kids, learning who my new boy was, his personality, likes and dislikes, the little tiny quirks that mothers only know about their children. It's been so fun -- and for a hater like me, that's a big step! Ask anyone though, you can't help but love Mr. Mo.

fell asleep in church without anything. Starting good habits early...

Such a happy dude. Making this mama heart of mine swell with so much love and hormones. GOSH, YOU GUYS I'M RAVING. sorry.

Around 3 months, results of Viv babysitting

I keep falling hard for this little man. He holds my heart, he makes me happy, I could play with the kid all the damn day long. 5-6 months is where the fun reeeeallly begins...i love this stage, and it just keeps getting better and better. Although I cannot believe it's been an entire 6 months already..half a year (?!?!), I'm enjoying this fun stage.

Mo at church around 4 months

this was taken after he had screamed for hours until we took him for a drive at 11 PM out of desperation. he stayed awake the whole time as happy as a clam. 
around 3 months

A few more things I want to remember about Mo that he's doing right now:

sitting up like a champ -- such a wide base helps :)
rolling over -- finally!
chewing on everything in sight and drooling on everything more.
loves soft things, especially his fluffy gray blanket. He loves pulling it over his face when he sleeps.
He loves to suck on soft stuffed animals
great sleeper - he's been sleeping through the night since he was 3 months eating, no waking, 7-6. Sleep training was NOT that easy with Viv.
He loves playing peek-a-boo and sucking on my fingers. Games are the best to him!
He is so so so ticklish...and has the BEST LAUGH EVER! I even have a video. Allow me:

And, the problem: he looooves tv, we never let him watch it, but whenever it's on he'll twist in crazy ways just to watch it, little stinker.

Man I love this kid. Happy 6 months, Mo Mo! We love you!

see his newborn pictures here
birth story here


  1. I loved this. Gwen was my best baby, but there is showing about a mama's boy. I remember putting max to sleep once when he was a baby and just being overwhelmed knowing that he would always love me. My husband might leave me. My daughter will inevitably hate me someday, at least for a little while. But a son will love you unconditionally. Boys are the best. And daughters are the best in other ways. 😉

  2. *there is something about a mama's boy



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