Holiday Mish-Mash


'tis the holiday mish-mash! i'm trying to get this all in before Christmas, can you tell?
Instagram/random phone dumpage happening!

Actually no one reads this old thing anymore, so for posterity, ready and go:

Thanksgiving at the Rosdahls in Connecticut (our surrogate 2nd family):

The whiteout on the way to Connecticut for Thanksgiving:

In which the East Coast does it right:

That one time a whole bunch of fluffy snow fell and we played in it for hours (she likes it this year!)

Remember how I've never chopped down and actual real live growing Christmas tree? There's a first time for everything, and that first time happened at Moore's Tree Farm. Ithaca I tell ya. Full of charm sometimes.


 Kids were cold but happy with mini candy canes and bundles of blankets in their little wagon. Look at those chubby cheeks mo mo!

She's a beaut, am I right??

And then! Finals! Dale finally finished with school for the semester. 3 down, 1 to go, Hallelujah AMEN!

And then grandma came to visit, which was the best, as usual. Mo couldn't contain his excitement: 

We ate brunch at the Carriage House while she was visiting. GUYS! SCONEWICHES! They're a thing. Try one next time you see one on the menu. life.changing.


Dale took me to a masquerade ball. Only my life dream, nbd.
Because it has been my dream since being obsessed with Phantom of the Opera at 13, I had to splurge and get a dress to match the dream. It did not disappoint. I mean, DAMN. i've never had such a beautiful dress in my life. EVER! I want to wear it every day, duh.

 It was just way too much fun. Dinner, dancing, photobooths, creme brulee. It was like high school with a husband.

In other news: Sugar cookies and Serial (my latest obsession).

Ice festival in Downtown Ithaca. They even had a bar made completely of ice, serving drinks and everything. Only in the frozen tundra do things like this happen, people.

I took my little sweetheart on a date with one of our girlfriends to watch the Nutcracker Ballet. She did surprisingly well and loved the Mouse King the very most.

After snowing a ton, it rained a bit, making the perfect snow for humongous snowmen. So, on my birthday night after the kids were asleep, we snuck outside in mismatched snow gear and built the most epic snowman of all time at 10 PM. We name him Ike. Seriously though. Epic.


Of course we threw our annual Ugly Sweater Fondue Christmas Party with a few friends, and guys, it just keeps getting better and better. Also, I waited until the day of the party to find a sweater, and guys, just don't do it. In a college town, the ugly sweaters are hot commodities. I had to do the 2nd best thing, which was Santa lingerie from Salvation Army (i was desperate).

Somewhere smashed in this month was my birthday in which I turned 26 surrounded by my three favorite people. The big guy made me a cafe rio salad and bought me a mini Wegman's cake, Viv decorated it with sprinkles and candles, and Mo graced me with his drooly smile. Here's to punching 26 in the face! Thanks to all who made it such a special day.

Viv also had a little nursery sing along one day, so we went to watch, and although she's usually shy when it comes to singing in public, when she saw us watching her, she grinned this big grin before going back to being her coy little self. Killing me Viv, you're killing me.

We continued our Christmas Countdown with a sleepover under the tree and it's twinkly twinkle lights,

Reading christmas books in our new Christmas jammies,

and basking in Mo's slightly cross-eyed, early morning sicky face (still cute and chubby as can be). He's 5 months today, btw. Celebrate! I can't get enough of his rolly polly-ness

So, onward and upwards, Christmas is here! Continue with the usual program. Merry Merry Christmas!!


  1. haha!! I LOVE the pic. of your Mom holding Mo and his Double chin!! Miss you guys!



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