A New York Christmas: Skaneateles


Christmas Eve! It's here! In the spirit of Christmas and for lack of any other Christmasy posts, here's another travelogue for your viewing pleasure.

This year, we decided to stay in New York for the holidays. We miss our families, but sometimes traveling for a month does bad things to a person. We wanted to enjoy our month long break from school and catch up on some much needed rest and time with just our little family. Through the month, we've been pretty proactive about doing all kinds of Christmas activities around the state that we won't get to experience once we're done here.

One that's been on my bucket list for a while was Skaneateles: a little town full of Christmas spirit that puts on a little Charles Dickens festival over the holidays. The whole town dresses up like characters from A Christmas Carol and that victorian era. The streets are filled with the cheery calls of "Happy Christmas!" in English accents, the smell of roasting chestnuts and winter in the air. Skaneateles is right on one of the Finger Lakes, making it a picturesque winter scene. Wreaths on every door, garland gracing every porch and icicles dripping with such charm from the eaves of victorian-esque houses make Skaneateles the perfect Christmas getaway.

Best bakery ever. Their donuts were divine...and I mean that. Some of the best I've ever had!

We stayed most of the day, walking up and down the streets, freezing our butts off and just enjoying the spirit of the town. We tried figgy pudding, ate roasted chestnuts, bought too much hot chocolate to keep our mitten-clad hands warm, listened to Christmas carols being sung by the lake, watched a magician perform and listened to Mother Goose read stories in the library.

At one point, Dale got chosen to participate in a little trunk show they do throughout the day on the street. Basically they have the audience act out the short version of A Christmas Carol with a little comedy thrown in there. Dale was playing Scrooge, and he totally got into it. Super funny to watch him ham it up in front of a little street audience.

While dad was playing Scrooge, Viv, Mo and I hightailed it up to see Santa (Father Christmas as he was called here). And although I haven't really addressed the issue of Santa with Viv this year, I was super excited to have her see a Santa that was actually legit and vintage-looking like he was. I feel like Father Christmas is a little more authentic and traditional, and I really loved his crown of berries, so you know.  Basically I had to bribe Viv to sit on his lap with a candy cane and promise of a balloon. She didn't care much for him, but sat there for a picture anyway. I'm a shameless mom, so sue me.

Isn't this place beautiful? It's a tiny town, but so quaint and friendly. 

This was such a wonderful trip with my little family. I miss doing Christmas with my family, but I love making new traditions and memories with this crew.

Merry Christmas to you all! Hope your holidays are filled with good food, family and friends (in that order).


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