Fall Break: Maine, Part II


While in Maine, we did Maine-ish things. We got whoopie pies from a local bakery (apparently that's a thing?), we checked out harbors and sailboats and quaint downtowns. We had several recommendations to try a certain little seafood shack that boasted "the best lobster rolls" ever....If you're into lobster, that is. SOOOO we headed to the little lobster shack! I am not into seafood...like, any kind of seafood. just the thought of it makes me want to puke. Jim Gaffigan puts it perfectly:

Anyway, lobster it was. Some got lobster rolls, some got whole lobsters that they picked out right then and there, boiled from the nasty gray to a bright red.

And as the guys cracked open shells, a big blob of green crap fell out, and I just about lost my mediocre chicken sandwich right then and there. Some people actually like it, because i guess people love lobster or something. Dale said it was ok....and well worth the experience. 
Because, WHEN IN MAINE... you know. Do Maine stuff.


We tooled around the charming downtown area of Kennebunkport, checking out the beautiful boats on the water, charming buildings and totem poles of directions. And then....THEN! we happened upon the best ice cream shop i've ever been too. Seriously, it's rated #6 in the nation. There's an ice cream place in San Francisco that's on that list too, but this one was rated higher, and rightly so. Though I am ever loyal to SF and it's amazing food, this ice cream took the cake. ROCOCO'S. And here's a tragic story....I COULDN'T EVEN HAVE ANY! Mo was pretty intolerant of any dairy that I consumed, so I was on a strict no-dairy diet. When everyone started moaning over their ice cream, I had to look the other way and find a stupid vegan smoothie.

But people kept talking about it. And raving about it. And testing my willpower to the max. They all said it was worth a crying baby for a few days. And it was. The next day, I went back to get my very own.

They were right. TOTALLY worth all the screaming Mo did a few days later. Totally.


On our 3rd day together, the kids were getting on each other's nerves and we all could tell we needed a little break from each other. We went our separate ways, agreeing to meet back for dinner at the house. So, my crew headed to see the wedding cake house, mansions on the coast, President Bush's summer home (mansion), see the sunset over the rocks and quaint little fishing shacks with traps and buoys and all kinds of nautical paraphernalia all around us.

We stopped on the rocks for ice cream before dinner (naturally),  amazed at the sheer beauty of an East Coast beach. Rocky and chilled, so very New England, if you know what I mean.


Dale and Viv explored the tide pools, picking up dead crabs and lobster tails, chasing seagulls and looking for octopus while Mo and I watched from our perch on a warm rock as the sun slid under the water.

It was a wonderful day and made me fall in love with New England even more than I already am. Maine is where it's at, folks. Go there someday and fulfill all your quaint little East Coast dreams.

As I mentioned before, we all went our separate ways on Sunday. One family went home because school started earlier for them, But as for us and the Ryans, we headed to Boston for a few days to see the city again and visit Salem, just because.

On our way, we stopped to see the most photographed lighthouse in the U.S: the Nubble Lighthouse in York. I guess I get why it's the most photographed, because seriously, this is the most quintessential lighthouse of your life.

And then: SALEM. We chose to bypass Boston because of the sheer Boston-ness of it and our hope to keep the whole vacation as low key as it had been in Maine. Plus, it was almost Halloween, so that's a tradition that I'll keep alive as long as I can.


We hit up our favorite bakery with the pecan tarts and spicy cinnamon cookies (King's Bakery FTW) and wandered around the old shops, went to a live reenactment of the Salem Witch Trials and again, soaked in that New England charm that only New England can muster.

Our trip had to end sometime unfortunately, so after a few days of relaxing even more, we packed up and headed back to Ithaca, staring an imminent school year and winter right in the face.

This trip, though? perfection. I really couldn't have asked for anything better or to do it with better people. We had so much fun. I will really miss this East Coast in the fall. a lot. a lot a lot. THere's nothing like it anywhere else.

And so with that, peace out fall break. Let the good times roll. (see part 1 of our trip here)


  1. K Im glad that we are friends because you are awesome!! Seriously, you are a great story teller, photographer and tell about this trip in a way that I could only dream about.. no probably not even in my dreams would it sound this good! Glad were friends and glad you convinced us all to go on this trip of a lifetime!

  2. Gus said it perfectly. So glad we went, so glad we're friends, so glad you took amazing pictures and can tell an awesome story. Here's to one more semester! Let's do this thing!!



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