Fall Break: Maine, Part I


There was this one time, we threw all caution to the wind and took a trip to Maine for our school Fall Break. 3 families, 6 adults, 6 kids, all together in a beautiful beautiful house by the sea. We've been lucky to meet wonderful friends here. We started school together and we'll be done about the same time. Since this is our last year together, we really needed a big trip with our entire families. As moms, we hang out all the time with our kids, but our husbands are always busy and we rarely all get together for an extended amount of time.

Anyway, I really wanted to do something epic for this fall break-- our last beautiful fall on the East Coast. One night, I was searching on Air BnB for affordable ideas when I happened upon the most perfect, the most beautiful and the most affordable house in the world. Off-season in Maine - an old house built in the 1800's, right on the ocean, with its own canoe, a wrap around porch, 5 bedrooms! I quickly texted my two sister wives and begged them to consider this opportunity, because HELLO! A weekend away! Together! All of us! It had to happen.

And it did. The stars aligned and it came together. It stayed available. WE BOOKED. and we went. A very long weekend in a beautiful place-- PERFECTION.

What follows is really the most epic trip of all time. Picture overload in the purest sense, you know how it goes.

Every morning, kids would run across cold wood floors to cuddle on the couch with blankies to watch cartoons and giggle with each other while the adults drag themselves out of bed to greet the cold and the call for breakfast. The sunrise made the entire house golden and what's left of the tide shimmer.

Throughout the day, the tide filled in a small bay outside the house, magical the way it disappeared and reappeared throughout our stay. When it emptied, we could venture out, rainboots squelching in sticky mud, finding shells and tide pools and stranded sail boats, and filled, kids threw rocks and sticks and splashed in the lapping waves on the shore.

The light was beautiful, golden and soft, deceiving in its warmth (because golly, it was COLD). We spent our time layered in layers and warm socks and huddled in blankets, warding off that seeping cold that happens on the East Coast. For the most part, we had beautiful fall weather with only one rainy dreary day. We seriously lucked out.

As you will see, most of these pictures are of the house -- I couldn't get over it's antique charm and beautiful character. Clawfoot bathtubs! barn doors! Jars of knick knacks!



During the day when the tide was in, we took rocky rides in rowboats on the sparkling water, feeling the sunshine on our faces and reveling in crisp air.  The whole trip, all I could keep saying was Wow. This. is. real. life.


The kitchen was fully stocked, so we made our meals together, breakfasts, lunches, dinners. We chatted and chopped food, grocery shopping and doling out snacks and eating together on the big wooden table and worn couches next to the windows overlooking our own little bay. Eating, talking, kids laughing or whining or playing. Nowhere to be, attentive husbands and a spotty internet connection. A little place away from real life, reminiscent of good times and easy living.

There was furniture filled with old things -- odds and ends left by patrons collected through the years, things that you could weave some elaborate story from, an intriguing history picked out from old leather school patches and empty ink bottles and faded postcards. 

Vintage TIME magazines stuffed into cabinets  and beautiful floor to ceiling windows looking out to sea with hanging bottles of seashells and glass swinging from windowsills and photographs of ancestors gazing through warped glass.

And then there was Mo being the cool guy that he is ^^^

My favorite thing about the house? The walls and walls and WALLS of books. Books everywhere, shelves full of everything imaginable in every room. I could spend hours there just reading every single book in that perfectly old house that smelled of musty covers and well-read pages.



 Though I couldn't get a shot of the house that really did justice to how great it was..... it was. it really was so great.


And the best part? The guy who built the house & originally owned it was buried right outside the door. Holla!

On our last night, we decided to do a big fondue dinner after the kids were asleep to celebrate a successful trip. We brought all the bells and whistles out for this one. Three courses! Cheese, Meat, Chocolate! So much food. We talked about proposal stories, dating stories, and embarrassing stories. Seriously, best night ever, one I'll always remember.

After four nights of playing and co-living, Sunday rolled around and it was time to part ways. Some of us went home, others headed to Boston for more break awesomeness. 

Seriously, this trip couldn't have been better. The kids got along, we all had our own space to unwind and be alone when we needed, and the house had everything we could have wanted. After a year of grueling school and absent husbands, this friend time was sorely needed and appreciated. Best trip yet and the best people too.

And next time, tune in for our out-and-about adventures in Kennebunkport and a little bit of Boston just for the heck of it. Part II here.


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