a name and a blessing


Back in August, we were in the process of moving from California to New York and planned a little stopover in Utah to see family and bless Merrill all at the same time. Now....let me preface this by telling you how awesome I am:

That weekend was a crazy one...we had finished our internship, and within 2 days, packed up our apartment, returned every ounce of borrowed things, deep cleaned said apartment only to find out that we didn't need to after we had already finished, said goodbye to our friends (AGAIN) and drove two cars the 12-hours-that-turned-into-16-hours back to Utah with a 1 month old baby. We left California on Saturday, planned to bless him the next day (Sunday), and then Monday Dale packed up everything from our summer into our Saturn to drive across the country to New York by himself, after which he would move back into our old apartment and set it up AND start school before the kids and I got there a week later. I stayed in Utah for a week to recover from the traveling and craziness and gear up for a cross country flight with 2 kids--and luckily my mom flew with me, because HOW????!

SO anyway....it was a little intense there for a good few weeks. We can't thank our friends enough for all their help and babysitting and dishes and furniture and being so helpful with our constant requests to borrow a million things. I can't thank my brother and his buddy enough for flying out to California just to help us pack/clean and drive our 2nd car back to Utah for us so that we could actually get there in one day, or my mom for making that all possible and flying out to New York with me just to help out.

Now, I hope you are all thoroughly impressed with that prelude, because seriously, I feel a tiny teensy bit like superwoman having conquered a move across the country with a toddler and a newborn and still staying kind of sane. Compliments can be given according to your admiration after the jump.

Anyway, August 17th: A sweet, relaxing and small affair with immediate family, perfect for my sweet and relaxed and then-small sweetheart of a boy. Dale did a wonderful job, blessing him with a strong leadership skills and a strong testimony of the gospel among other wonderful things.

Blessing days make me so very thankful for a worthy priesthood leader in my home. I loved seeing my dad, brother and husband all join together to bless my son with power and inspiration from God. And I'm so happy we decided to do it at with family in Cedar...It just made it so much more special, because we rarely get to do things like that anymore, being the world travelers that we are....or something.


Viv of course was being a complete brat that day, acting silly on purpose, refusing to put her tongue in her mouth so that she could actually smile, etc, etc. You know, the usual 2 year old antics that make you want to kind of freak out. Still though, we managed to snag a few pictures of these two cuties together, and I'm so glad. They kind of melt my heart a little bit. Two is so much better than one.


I'm so happy half of my siblings could be there (missing 3 brothers). I sure miss my family and being able to be together for little events like this, so I'm glad that this worked out. It really did mean the world to me in my post-partum, emotiona hormonal state. I mean, FAMILY IS THE BEST DUH.

And Mo....little Mo. He's a sweetheart, a champ, a snuggler and a mama's boy. That kid...gosh I love him. Isn't he just so squishable?? Isn't his face the sweetest little round pleasant face you've ever seen?? Don't I sound like the most annoying mom in the world??? Do you want to gag yet?????

 I know, I know. I think I'm just making up for all the times I wasn't enamored with Viv when she was a baby and a hellion. Mo is restoring my belief in the magic that is a newborn. I mean, that face though. Am I right or what?

Happy blessing day, Merrill Richard Beard. You are here to do great things, little man. I can't wait for your life.


  1. So glad we were able to share in little Mo's special day. You are definitely awesome at moving coast to coast and making it look easy!!



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