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As I'm playing catch up, I'm realizing that I never posted some of my very favorite pictures of when Merrill was born. Such a happy happy day for us -- I couldn't stop smiling, finally holding my baby, seeing my family together, watching Viv look at his little toes wiggling like it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen. 

So, here we go.


My sweet friend Ashley offered to take some pictures for us while we were still in the hospital with Mo and again after we brought him home. They turned out so beautiful and are some of my most treasured possessions.

These first few are when Merrill is not even a day old. He was wrinkly and sleepy and soft -- just like a newborn should be. I am so happy I get to remember those first hours with my new family - I can't look at these without feeling so much joy!



This is when Viv met Mo for the first time -- I've never been as happy as I was when my 2 worlds collided like this:

So we took Mo home and he fit right in, with his tiny newborn clothes and his overly sleepy ways.  A few weeks passed and Ash came again to catch some pictures of me NOT in sweats and the kids together now that they were used to each other a little.

And seriously?  I DIE.




I'm so happy to have these--they help me remember how lovely our summer was, how wonderful it is to have good friends, and how sweet a new baby and sibling love is. Four of us! I love it.


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