8 months pregnant and camping like a fiend.


Can you tell things around here have been crazy?

They've been crazy.
We're settled in California, our  apartment is sparsely furnished, thanks to some really wonderful and selfless people, we finally have internet, Dale is finally working (yay for interships!!), and I am still pregnant.


This week, I'm officially 36 weeks, a week away from being full term and only a month left living in this terribly swollen body of mine. It's hot. It's just so hot. My feet are hot always. I sleep with a spray bottle by my bed because my feet are so hot. I want to cut my lower back and hips off my body on the daily because they always hurt...but, you know, that would make things look awkward. Anyway, I'm just at that point where people start telling me I look pathetic or tired or done or some other nice way of saying, "Hey....you look really pregnant and fat".

Baby boy is growing like a weed, we still don't have a name, except the one that Viv is requesting. So far she's insisting we name him Jack, after one of our good friends' brand new baby. She calls all the little babies Jack, and calls our fetus Jack too. Either way, un-named alien has given me 3 stretch marks on my belly. Which is fun, since I didn't have any there before. I love that part.....the part where your body stretches to a point that it won't look normal again. I love it a lot. It's great, right?

Anyway, we've been trying to get out and do a few things before I'm in a newborn haze that will last for who knows how long.

Because you guys know we love camping a lot.

We headed down to Big Sur...somewhere we've been wanting to go for a long time.
We went with our other camping-loving friends and found an entire campsite that we got entirely to ourselves. Running water, big tables, flushing toilets, even internet access, and a little river with a damned up pond running right through the camp site.

Basically, it was awesome.

The drive down the coast was amazing to say the least. Have you ever driven down Highway 1? It needs to be on your bucket list. It's definitely on mine...I've never seen such beautiful sights. I was making Dale stop constantly, gasping and oohing and aahing over and over. 

I've decided that THIS is where I want my 2nd house... Big Sur/ Monterey. You get the best of both worlds: Beautiful turquoise ocean with white sand beaches against a backdrop of mountains covered in beautiful pine. 

Just sayin....Someday, when I'm rich, it's happening. You're all invited.

Anyway, our 2-day trip was full of perfect weather,  a great campsite, easy food and better company. The kids did great, we did a little hike, ate so many s'mores and played in the perfect little stream that ran through our camp, damned up quite nicely for a two year old to splash around and throw rocks into. And a perfect place for baby Hazel to kill us with her cute little squishy face.


This here is McWay falls, only the prettiest place ever. Pine trees and waterfalls and moody ocean and jutting rocks and Jamaican-worthy white sand. Also poison oak. Looooots of poison oak.



No. That's not a whale. It's just me in clothes that don't fit anymore. 8 months pregnant and camping FTW, always.


Viv and Hazel were so damn cute together this trip. Viv went from abhorring babies to loving them in just a few days. She loved helping with everything baby-related...to the point that she doesn't really help. She's more like a T-Rex, wrecking everything in her path, stepping on all the things and generally being two-ish as she tried to read Hazel stories, tuck her in, get her dressed, wipe her face or change her diaper. But when she gets so excited to see her that she jumps up and down, squeals with joy, bends down right in her face and says "Hiiiiiii Dadel!" while putting her in a full-nelson-type hug, it seriously melts my heart. She loves her so much.

Something tells me I'm gonna need to develop a whole bunch of patience come July. That is if she likes this baby boy. She may just want to adopt Hazel instead. I'm totally fine with that.

All I'm saying is that our trip was epic, and what made it even MORE epic is that our two men were both equally unemployed at the moment, making this camping trip a MID-WEEK camping trip, no strings attached and freedom abounding. I'm really into this unemployed thing. Those Obama supporters really are onto something.


  1. Big Sur/Monterey is the best. I'm so glad you got to go camping this summer and that it was such a win. Good luck getting through these last few weeks... You make pregnancy look goooood, girl.



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