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Hey there......

Said the ghost who doesn't run this blog anymore. Are blogs even a thing anymore? I don't even know.

Here's a little update on us. You know...the quick and dirty version of a catch up, brushing over spring break (FLORIDA!!!), Valentines (uneventful), a visit from my mom (awesome), our 5th anniversary (so fun!), Easter (really cute egg hunting), Mother's Day (sweet & relaxing), and lots of other great things that have happened since winter mostly ended (that blasted thing dragged on forever). Sooooo, ONWARD.


30 weeks, Mother's Day 2014
Currently 30 weeks, going strong, getting fat, feeling way too hot to survive the summer. Craving chips and charred hot dogs like you wouldn't believe. Trying to stay motivated to go to the gym and it's just not working. My hips feel like an 80 year old grandma's would. This little man in my belly is kicking and squirming like crazy. He likes to chill out a lot lower than his sister ever did, and as a result I pee my pants waaaaay too often for it to be considered normal.

28 weeks
I'm also more tired than I have ever been (besides that blasted newborn stage of course) and I take multiple naps a day...just getting it in while I can, you know. And bribing Viv (and ALL of her blankies and ALL of her stuffed animals) to climb in bed with me to watch a show so I can sleep an extra 30 minutes has become a daily occurance. We still have a shortlist of about 0 boy names and I haven't even thought about the nursery...is this my 2nd pregnancy or what?

And on a different note, I actually did something for myself which included getting really uncomfortably out of my box and did a musical. Called the Taffetas, it was a 4- part harmony girl group tribute to the 50's. It was SO MUCH FUN....and it definitely deserves its own post. So that will be coming soon, because it was the best thing I've done in a really long time.
Seriously though, I'm feeling great -- better than I did before. I'm feeling healthy with lots of energy and am just trying to enjoy the last couple months with my little sidekick.

27 weeks

May '14
The first thing she says when she wakes up in the morning: "Play outside?". So we play outside. I bribe her inside to eat lunch and take a nap with Easter candy. The first thing she says when she wakes up from her nap: "Play outside?".  So we play outside and skip making dinner.

April '14
I've never seen Viv more dirty and sweaty and homeless looking than she has in the last few weeks of perfect weather here. Ithaca is making up for being such a bitch to us this winter...and we can't get enough of it. She is constantly asking about her friends "Du & Dahm"(Stu & Graham) and "Dodal and Lei" (Opal & Eli). She loooooves these 4 kids and will run and yell and jump when she seems them across the lawn that separates our apartments. It's most definitely the cutest thing ever.

Other than that, Viv's qualified for speech therapy, so we're doing a little of that to get her caught up on this talking nonsense, and she's doing quite well. She's a sassy, smart little thing who is full of two-year-old independence. Lately she insists on pouring her own milk and making her own PB&J. And toast.
a little toast with her jam
 She wants cereal for every meal and loves Mac N Cheese and rice like a crazy person. She is still obsessed with dogs & cats. She's becoming quite the little artist and especially loves to paint. I'm always impressed with the varying brushstrokes she purposefully uses. She has also started to insist that I draw our family, meaning I draw Daddy with a red crayon, with big muscles on his arms. Mom with a dress and long hair. Viv with a purple crayon and crazy curly hair, and baby boy with a little diaper and one curly hair on top of his head. We draw us almost every day, and she loves it.

She's started mumbling prayers on her own (HEART PUDDLE),  She loves listening to music at night, and once we even caught her asleep with her headphones on, sprawled out on her bed like a teenager. She loves to wear her sunglasses on top of her head like me. She finds any excuse to NOT go to sleep. She needs a band aid on each leg almost every day because she had an owie like 2 months ago. She hates when people touch my belly to feel the baby kick, and she refuses to do it, pouting when I even mention it to her. She already hates the attention on someone else, although she is still obsessed with rocking, singing and shushing her babies and bunny to sleep. I can't wait to see that little punk as a sister. She will be so sweet.

church in a new dress, 5.4.14


Dale's last day of his 1st year MBA school!
Dale's first year of MBA is OVER!!! WOOOOOHHOOOOOOO. we are over-the-moon elated over here...because.....whoa. they are NOT kidding when they say that the first year is insane. Because it is. Like......unfathomable. I think I know how it is to be a single mom with sister wives, and maybe that should be a reality show (those sister wives have saved my sanity and my can out here, no doubt).

Mother's Day celebrations with two of my favorites
Dale probably has ulcers from the constant stress associated with a Cornell MBA, and I really need a boyfriend. He has kicked ass this semester though, of course. I knew he would, but it has taken a serious toll on him. Poor guy is exhausted and stretched to his very limits. If I'm being honest, the stress is not gone yet...we still do not have an internship.  I know. Don't judge us. These guys network and kiss up to every company, every CEO, every Linked In profile they can get their grubby little MBA hands on and show off in the very best way. They've all been searching for that perfect summer internship...the one that will make paying this much money for school worth it. Usually the majority of MBA's have their internship locked in and squared away by March...April at the very latest. Don't worry. It's May. We're still flying by the seat of our pants here.

unrelated picture--only the cutest one I have of Viv to date, probably
That's not to say that Dale hasn't been working his tail off...we all know Dale is incapable of anything else but the best. It just hasn't come yet...and we really do believe something awesome is coming our way. We are just learning a lot of patience right now...and learning to deal with the looks of pity that come from fellow students and their wives when that someone (us) doesn't have an internship this late into the year....and...ya. That's annoying.

We both feel confident that something great is coming our way. And coming from me, the most tightly wound, planning-est planner of the entire world....that's saying something. I have been shrugging my shoulders and saying "I don't know" way too much for comfort. But I do know it will work out. Until then...

We're moving back to the East Bay for the summer!!! (LOTS OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!) Yes, that's where all our applications and interviews have been placed for internships...and so we'll be ahead of the game when Dale gets that super awesome job in the perfect place.... ha! Basically, we've reached a time period where we can't stay in Ithaca because there is NO opportunity here, and because we've subletted our place for the summer to some Indian guy who insists we buy him HBO and leave him a laptop (ewwww). We are officially kicked out with no furniture and a sparse amount of clothes and living goods. Also, did I mention we're having a baby in 2 months? Sooooo...ya, we had to go somewhere. Some semblance of a plan had to happen. East Bay it is. Who knows, maybe we'll just live off loans and go swimming all summer! Who needs a job? Who needs insurance? WHO NEEDS A PLAN!? Not us. Not....us......

Spring break in Florida, April '14
So right now, we are in the dregs of deciding what to pack into the third bedroom our subletter isn't using, and what to take with us. Deep cleaning stuff I haven't in a year. Deciding what food in our freezer to throw away versus what to binge eat. What clothes will fit my 1 month post-pregnant body....what books to take from Viv's precious stack...what toys to bring and whether or not to bring the ice cream maker, just because. We leave on Sunday...Driving, flying, driving and then driving some more. It's gonna be a long few weeks until we get settled, and hopefully it doesn't put me into labor. But if the moving doesn't, the heat in the East Bay probably will (think about it--I'm climatized to subzero temperatures now, and 60's feel like 100 degrees to me right now. That big of a temperature jump can NOT be healthy). Don't worry. I'm not complaining. I'd rather melt than freeze any day.

Again...there are so many unknowns in our summer equation at this point in time. Sometimes it makes me wonder if this whole school thing is worth it or not.

April '14
But I shrug my shoulders and say "I don't know". Because who the hell ever does, you know?

Wish us luck this week.


  1. I hope everything works out!!! This sounds crazy right now, it was hard enough for me to move 4 hours away. Keep it up wonder woman!

  2. Seriously, good luck! I wish I would have read this before I saw you today - I could have already had all the deets on your plan for this summer. You guys are going to have a blast - and a baby! It's crazy. I'm going to miss you, but I'll keep stalking you from a distance. Never fear.

  3. Good luck with everything! So glad when you pop in and update the blog.

  4. I totally missed this post. I love your posts. I'm glad you got a killer internship. You felt it all along. I knew it would happen because, it's Dale! Love and miss you guys!!



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