I have a freaking two year old


Well, my baby turned two yesterday.

For some reason, I wasn't as emotional about her two as I was about her turning one.....I think it's because she's been acting so grown up for a while now being potty trained, being in a toddler bed and communicating/understanding me so well that I just kind of already expect her to be two. I've been rounding up and telling people she's two now for a while anyway. Still though, there's something so bittersweet about seeing another year pass, realize how fast it's all going and reminiscing about the day you had a tiny little newborn who's grown up to be her own person.

For her birthday this year, we kept it low key and did most everything by ourselves. Dale had to go out of town (he's gone for an ENTIRE WEEK! KILL ME), so he had to miss her birthday. So, the night before he left, he and Viv went on a little date, ate pizza together, bought Frozen and a tiny cake, and we watched a movie and sang her an early birthday song so Dale could be a part of it.

The next day, although I wasn't going to have a party, I'm a party girl at heart and can't resist such an obvious reason to decorate and celebrate--especially when I'm bored out of my mind and have no other creative outlet. With a few party things from Oh Joy's for Target line (the best!) and other party essentials (food), we had a tiny little breakfast with a few of Viv's tiny friends that she plays with the most (it's so hard to not invite everyone, and I hate that part. Someday I will be rich).


On Saturday (her actual birthday), I was by myself and feeling kind of sad we didn't have family around to celebrate-- not even Dale.  We woke up early and Viv wanted to open her presents, so that's what we did. She tore apart the house and played with all of her toys a million times (such a big difference from last year--she knew exactly what to do and was super excited about it).


Later that day, we went to a bounce house, ate chicken nuggets at Wendy's and then had a little date at Yogurtland. It was a nice little day of things we don't get to do often together, and I couldn't help trying to make her day fun and different from our regular routine. She's always stuck with just me, poor girl.

Even though we were sugared out already that day, everyone needs their own cake on their birthday, right?  I made her a tiny little cake from a whoopie pie pan (such a genius pinterest idea) - it turned out so cute. Used a box mix and everything. I'm legit like that.

It was the perfect size for her, but she really just wanted to eat the mini cupcakes (read: frosting).

So much sugar this day. Viv ate probably 4 cupcakes before dinner, decided she didn't want dinner, and then we ate more cake.  I set up Facetime with Dale and my parents so we could sing Happy Birthday to her for the 3rd time-- we were all out of sync and singing different notes, but viv loved it. And then...we ate more cake.

Side note: She's been loving the "appy birtay" song and requests that I sing it to her every night at bedtime. I have loved watching her get sung to this year...She loves the attention, and gets the cutest little happy smile on her face while everyone is looking and singing to her. I love it.


She got dang good at blowing out candles after our three-day party stint, and then she dug right into her cake. Didn't waste any time with forks (reminds me of last year...)


After our cake-dinner, the night was pretty low key. We played with her new paint set/crayons/easel a million times while she carted her new stuffed doggy around everywhere, painted our faces, ran around in our underwear and kept eating cupcakes.

It was definitely an unconventional birthday, but it worked, and it was wonderful.

Plus, she's two. Like she'll remember any of it. Let's be honest.

Vivian has really grown into herself and found her true personality. She's really sweet, but I think her main personality traits consist of  feistiness and being a silly tease. She is such a happy little person and loves to be mischievous and laugh. 

She has her emotional days, and suffers from things all toddlers do - inability to share, inability to always get what she wants, and inability to hold all of her toys and books and stuffed animals at one time. Those things get her pretty upset. I've also realized lately that she is somewhat of a pack rat. When we go play at a friends house, she finds a big handful of things that she really likes (5 old cell phones, 7 cars, 20 gold coins, etc) and she'll carry them around, moving them from place to place. If ANYONE touches them or even looks like they are going to touch them, she quickly gathers them all up into her chest, looks the offender right in the eye and yells "no no no no no!!!". She's pretty protective like that. Once after a Superbowl party, my friend sent me a picture of  a little stash of toys Viv had been hauling around that entire night. Her stash was hidden behind the couch and underneath a heater. I mean, really.

She's gradually getting better at talking. Most kids her age here talk pretty well right now, and she's still a garbled mess, but there's no doubt that she understands particularly well and is mature for her age. She knows exactly what she wants to say and is always babbling, but I just can't understand her yet. She'll get there. If I know anything about my girl, it's that she does things on her own time, damn anyone else who tells her another way to do it.

I love this sweet, spunky, smart and funny girl so much. I just wish time would slow down a little. I'll miss this stage. I hope she always keeps her happy personality and silly teasing ways, and her crazy auburn curls (those curls personify her in the best way- crazy, unruly, beautiful and fun).

We love you so much Viv
You'll always be my baby girl.


  1. You are such a great Mom!!! I'm sure she felt SO special and loved being with just you. I bet she will remember it!! Also, she is SO adorable! I love that she like open-mouth blew that one candle out!!!!

  2. Her curls are so amazing! Happy birthday Vivian!



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