What up, home skillets?

So guess what? We're having a baby. And you already knew that. BUT this last weekend we found out if that baby is a boy or a girl or an alien or something else entirely. You never know with these things, and I'm sure the Ithaca air and endless winter doesn't help my case in a positive way.

And anyway, before our appointment, we asked Viv if she thought the baby in mommy's tummy was a girl or a boy. Every time we ask her she's been saying "girl" with a big smile....but when we asked her that day, she said "goyle!". I assumed she meant girl but you could be two-year-old speak for Gargoyle...

Which is exactly what we're having!

Let me clarify: we're having a BOY! Not a girl. And not a know, in case you were confused.

We are, of course, excited and happy and very grateful that he is looking healthy and developing well. I was not surprised at all that this alien fetus was in fact a boy...because I just knew it (I also felt like viv was a girl).  I'm thinking I should take up water witching or baby witching or something, because I obviously have a gift of calling genders correctly in myself and other people too. Weird, I know. Don't be too jealous. Dale really wanted another girl...and he swore this one was a girl (just like he swore Viv was a boy). He sucks at this game. Wishful thinking, methinks.

After buying a cute little outfit and a bunny to match his sister's, we headed to get pizza to celebrate.

And this....well, this is Dale's way of announcing to the Instagram world that we are in fact, without a doubt, having a boy. It was delicious.

Also, we're taking baby name suggestions. We have no zip. nada. Our names right now consist of McBeard, Bartholomew, Andy Bernard and Henry The Eighth. It's not pretty.

So here's to you, little man. May you look just like your mother just to piss your dad off and have a name a Cornellian would be proud of.


  1. It's sickening how funny I think Dale's pictures is. seriously. I need to grow up.
    Congrats on the boy. (I knew it too.) I hope this one looks like you!

  2. Name ideas: Red (after alma mater)--although then his name would be Red Beard, which would be strange. Teddy, Noam, Ivan, Elmer, Felix, Lewis, Sam, Charles, Quentin (initials: QB! Friday Night Lights!), Mickey, Rex, Copernicus (Sam was serious about that one), Winslow (almost Fio's name), Turner, Kip, Goyle, Dale Jr., Boss, Nico, Victor (+Viv), Vincent/Vinny, Frank, Billy B., Dark Knight, Octavius, Othello, Colonel Mustard, Orange County, Frederick.

  3. Congrats on the little boy! Viv will be such a good big sister.

  4. So excited for you! We had zero boy names too so good luck! At least you have a few months to think about it, but I am totally voting for Henry the Eighth Beard;)



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