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With being almost-two-years-old comes lots of responsibility to suddenly become as reckless and as imaginative as possible.

With being fully potty trained day and night, we decided to move Viv into a big girl bed just for the heck of it...and it's been going surprisingly well. Until yesterday when she found crayons in her room and spent most of her nap time coloring her walls.

So, crayons. I can deal with that. Easy to clean off, Viv helps me wash the walls this morning, we talk about how coloring on walls is not ok, coloring on her new bed is definitely not ok, yada yada yada, she gets it. I think.

5 minutes later, Dale and I are talking in the kitchen, when out of the corner of my eye, I see a sheepish Vivian quietly sidle up in the doorway, lean against the wall with her head down and her eyes flitting up to look at me through her bangs...it's the look she gets when she knows she did something wrong and she's in trouble for it. So I look at her and see a blue permanent marker...with the cap off....marker all over her arms, clothes and face. I motion to dale and we both die in silent fits of laughter. Viv is still hiding in the doorway, waiting for us to notice her, and her head is still downcast. It was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen, given the forbodeing feeling of doom I had...because, obviously. Permanent markers and a quiet toddler are never a good combination.

So we ask her, "Vivian, what happened?". She replies with a very sincere and wide-eyed "uh-oh". So she pulls our hands into her room to show us the blue permanent marker all over the wall we just washed, all over her little rocking chair, a teeny tiny scribble on her new bed, a huge scribble in the hall and door outside her room, and marker all over her art table and chairs.
I mean....
talk about quick damages. And for a girl who has never colored on the walls before....It's like an overnight transformation!

Her looming two year old-ness  is what I'm blaming this destructiveness on, along with her sudden need to spit on things when she's mad, throw things when she doesn't get what she wants, and collapsing flat in full-fledged meltdowns when I tell her she has to walk with me in the store.

In the last week or so, she has been pushing her limits to the max...and I'm like.......

So, albeit maddening, today has been hilarious. Honestly, I really don't care if she colors on the walls because we can clean it. And I really don't care if she ruins everything because I'm pretty sure I don't have anything nice. With the bad stuff comes the good. And it is really good.

Good like an unsolicited, hour-long baby obsession this morning which included covering her baby and bunny up with blankies so they could take a "nap" and telling me to "sssssss!'

Good like picking out books from the bookcase, showing them to the baby, saying "dis un? no?", putting it back and trying another one until the baby was satisfied with the right book. She would then sit that baby in the bed and read her books while showing her the pictures.

Good like feeding them "ilk" and "duice" and making little sucking noises (what??)


Good like wiping their noses, saying "peeeeee!" and taking them potty on her potty seat while she sits on her stool and waits for them to be done, at which point she wipes their bum and claps for them.

Good like she swaddles them in blankies, gives them hugs, rocks them and pats their heads/bums/faces until it's time for a nap again.

Rinse and repeat about 50 more times.  Her imagination is just another thing that blossomed overnight. I can't complain about this 2 year old thing too much yet. And this big sister act is killing me.


  1. This is THE BEST!!!!! Viv is the cutest, mischievous, 2 year old ever! I love that she blows her babies nose and claps for them when they pee! I mean seriously, boys don't do things like that.. So sweet!! Also, the walls.. good luck with that. (:

  2. i seriously hope my child has curly hair. i'm due in a month with a little boy...my husband has straight STRAIGHT hair..i have curly...so i'm PRAYING he gets curls, cause i'm tellin ya....toddlers with those curls like vivs are the absolute cutest.

  3. I so needed to read this today. This extremely pregnant and miserable mama needs all the reminders of the good that is to come that I can get- I'm so excited to experience all these stages again- marker on the walls and all!

  4. Ah she is so darling with those curls! Atleast she's looking so cute while messing up the house. ;)

  5. She has grown up so much in the short time I've known her! Her hair, wow. Seriously the sweetest. She knows just what to do because her mama does it so well. Miss your face.



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