We're having a baby! ANOTHER one....

We are crazy. that's all.

I'm 16.5 weeks along, and I have barely been sick at all. I feel  great, I'm huge already (yay for 2nd baby bodies) and we are excited. Since I already know what baby kicks feel like, I swear I've felt this little alien kickin' around for a couple weeks now. I love it-- it's my very favorite part about pregnancy. I almost forget about the random nosebleeds, too-early heartburn, having to pee 5 times at night and the crazy vivid dreams I have when I'm knocked up.  As for Viv, she points to my belly anytime she hears the word baby...and usually wants  to lift up my shirt. in public. I'm really excited to see her as a big sister. Gets my ovaries working in overdrive and I'm already pregnant.

This baby alien is due July 22nd and we should be finding out if we're having a girl or a boy or an actual alien in about 3 weeks! We will be somewhere that is not Ithaca for an internship, so this baby will be born somewhere cool (cross your fingers for Cali) . Dale is like...kind of excited. Like FREAKISHLY excited. I'm still getting used to the idea, because I like to take my sweet time. Also: SLEEP. Viv is such an easy age right now and I'm sleeping like a king. Why did we mess this up?! Babies and hormones and a sexy husband are all really weird combinations when they get together like that.

As a rule, I have NOT forgotten the hell that was the first 6 months of Viv's little life. I have not forgotten how much I hate newborns. I have not forgotten the stretch marks (because by some stroke of luck, they're still there). I have not forgotten how magnificent my boobs get (because, HELLO).  I have not forgotten the sleepless nights and the body image issues. I have not forgotten how much I forgot how to do this.

But what I am most looking forward to? I'm actually gonna enjoy it this time around. I was a crazy, planning psychopath with Viv. I hardly had time to enjoy her because I was so obsessed with getting it RIGHT. And now...well, I'm gonna lay on my couch cuddling with that sweet baby in a generic onesie and let Viv watch movies in her underwear all day long. I'll love on both of them as much as I can, and we'll eat cake and be lazy and happy and all of that stuff.  I'll get through the endless nights and longer days and be more patient with the crying and appreciate the mundane. Because now I know that not only is it worth it, but I know that they only stay little for such a short time, and I want to enjoy it. I'll figure the rest out later.

In other news, Viv is officially potty trained! I mean, WHAT?! She's 22 months old, and she basically potty trained herself. Crazy right? It's been awesome. She rarely has accidents anymore, sleeps through her nap and the entire night without accidents and she tells me or anyone else she's with when she needs to go...and she's quite insistent about it. And it's damn cute too.

We quit diapers cold turkey and I LITERALLY have not touched a diaper in 3 weeks. I mean....My life cannot get better right now #momlife.

I have to say though, It wasn't as hard or scary as it sounded at first. It may be due to the fact that since we're inside our tiny apartment 98% percent of our lives and Viv is naked 97% of that time, a naked, 4-day stint of potty training wasn't that much different in the grand scheme of things. I'm just glad it's over with.

Also, ever since baby alien + potty training collided, Viv has been looking like a literal grown up. It's crazy. 2 going on 16, with a popped hip (of her own doing) and a little top knot (of my own doing) and a graphic tee (of Old Navy's doing). I love this little stinker.

This January I've been really focusing on just living in the moment. I purposely didn't make any resolutions because, quite frankly, I hate them. I just did them because everyone else did...which is stupid. I hate them. So instead I have a focus for my year (it's not a resolution ok? just work with me here).

That focus is for me to become more present, more unplugged, and more positive. I want to enjoy my days with my little toddler turning into a grown up. It's going by too fast. I want to live in every moment of it (well...almost every moment. Because tantrums.....no.) But really. I want to remember these times. I want to put down my phone, spend quality time with my family, relish this dwindling one-on-one time I have with my little mischevious sidekick and then welcome another crazy kid into the mix. I want to reconnect with my husband and find ways around our crazily busy separate lives. I see the guy when find my place in the crook of his arm at night and he's already snoring...school does that to you. But with all the ins and outs of a stay at home mom life and a really busy, hard working and accomplished graduate school goer and a crazy toddler who tends to steal the show, it's hard. It just is, and everyone who's anyone knows that.

The trick to this crazy life is to squeeze it all in and make it meaningful. And mostly it's exhausting and I hardly have the energy to plan one more thing. Be that as it may, I'm hoping for some stroke of energizing energy and focus on my focus for the year.

that includes making more cinnamon rolls. And cinnamon bread. and homemade bagels and schmear. (a dead ringer indicator that I'm pregnant is my reaffirmed obsession with carbs. Cereal, bread, butter, pasta, cookies, cake and all other forms of carb life. Also strawberries. and Claussen pickles. and peaches (not together).)

And now we're done with the random rantings of a hangry pregnant lady. I forget it's almost dinner time and I've missed 2nd lunch and first dinner


  1. i love this whole post!
    your little belly is adorable, viv is SO GROWN UP, and NO MORE DIAPERS i'm so jealous ;) i'm really bummed you won't be in new york this summer!!!

  2. I can relate to every baby word written in this. Kellen screamed for the first six months too and I was actually terrified of newborns. My whole pregnancy with this little miss I was prepping myself for the long nights of ringing ears and tears on both mom and baby. And then she ce and surprise, I now know why people love newborns. She sleeps and wakes to eat... Basically, there is hope! However, i belive bad newborns make the greatest most fun toddles:) Loved your post. I totally related to all you said and I too am trying to just enjoy my crazy toddler and snuggle my new one. So excited for you guys!

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  4. Congrats on baby#2! That's amazing. I have a question. Is your daughter in a crib or a toddler bed?

    1. Hi Danielle-
      Viv is still in a crib...she just doesn't have accidents at night by some miracle. I've read lots of articles on people potty training their kids and just putting a diaper on them at night until they can physically stay dry all night. Whatever works for you!

  5. Loved this post. I love your idea of a FOCUS. So true for me too. I'm so excited to meet your new little one . Your aliens are the cutest aliens. Also, carbs.

  6. Yes. Just yes. On all of it.


  7. congrats!! how exciting! and i'm dying over the popped hip and top knot. too cute!

  8. Love this!! You can be crazy like that when you are such a great Mom! I need to "Focus" more to... Stu is currently asking if he can help me push buttons and I am ignoring him.. He8re is his message to you--

    And, last but not least- "hey, there's Bibers and her bum!!!" -Stu
    Can't wait to see your next aliens bum too. (:

  9. congratulations!! so excited for you :)

    i really need to unplug more too so that is what i am going to do right now.

    and thanks for the reassuring words about potty training. i am so worried about it even though ava is not old enough yet.



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