Love Week: Viv & Me


The annual installment of LOVE WEEK is upon us!

loooooove weeeeeeek.

For those of you new around here, Love Week is a little blog installment I stole from a cool friend and decided to make it my own. I will be posting things that I love throughout the week, all the way up to D-day (or V-day. Whichever you prefer). You can see my past Love Week posts here.

Truth be told, Love Week usually helps get me through the doldrums that are February. And this year it seems the doldrums are drowning me in a quiet stillness of DEATH. February sucks in New York. Anything good that NY has going for it is ruinedby the months of January and February and March. I hate them with a seething passion. Negative degrees, indoor insanity, straightjackets, mental hospitals and the like. It's all happening now.

Basically, the only thing that's keeping me sane (and driving me insane, coincidentally) is my little sidekick Viv. So Love Week officially kicks off in honor of her.

I get a little sad when I think about the era of the Viv-and-me duo coming to a close. I think everyone goes through that a little bit. I have loved this one-on-one time with my baby girl, and not until recently did it begin to dawn on me that it wouldn't always just be me and her...that it would never again just be us. Because from here on out, whether we have 2 kids or 7 (HA! that will never happen, people.), my life is going to continue to get more and more hectic, and I will have less and less hair, and more and more zits, and less and less time. All in the name of family, which I can't complain about too much....but still. It will be different. 

So Viv, this one's dedicated to you, my girl. An ode to our partnership and stuff.

I love that she loves to cook with me. Anytime I'm at the kitchen counter, she pushes a chair over and demands to help. It's one of my favorite things we do together, even though it makes a huge mess. I love to see her bright mind develop-- she's such a smart little whip with an attitude to match. It amazes me to see how smart she is and how much she understands, even though she can't talk much yet.

The words she does say though...well, those are hilarious. Lately, she's been giving me sass, teasing me all the time. I'll ask her, "Viv, will you come give me a kiss?" "NO!" So I say, "Why not?" She replies "tuz!" (which in translation is cuz...or because.) I have no idea where she got it, but it's dang cute. She also says "I don't know" with great clarity and her favorite words are those with a k/ck sound in them. Truck, clock, chocolate, pancake, duck, book, skeleton, etc. Of course she can say treat, poop and pee since those words largely make up our daily vocabulary lately. She says "lellow" for yellow and purple (which I think is her favorite color but I can't quite tell yet). She says lots of other words too, and it is amazing to see how much her vocabulary expands and what she picks up on a daily basis.


I will miss our quiet afternoons of naps and puzzles and books. I'll miss our store runs and gym time and pizza lunches at Ned's. I love that we have girl dates basically every day and have the most hilarious conversations ever. I wish I could remember it all forever.

I love the challenge of teaching her how to be a decent human being--how to discover and set free the unique spirit and personality she was born with.  It's a daunting task, to learn who your child is and guide them into discovering what they are and who they will become. To see--and love-- your child for who their spirit is, and not who you want them to be or what you think they should be, is the challenge of parenthood. It's exciting and overwhelming and scary and all of those other emotions. But seeing such a raw, new spirit emerge from a tiny body is such a miracle that I feel blessed to be a part of.

Mostly, I love the type of person my Vivian challenges me to be. Because she is patient and sweet with an overwhelming child-like love and unmatched forgiveness, that's what I try to be like too. Even when I lose my patience after a hard day and yell and make her little lip quiver with sadness, she is always there, giving me a hug and a little kiss, pulling my hand to the couch so we can color or read her three favorite books 5 million more times. I will always cherish this time we get together and the things I learn from her.

I love you my sweetheart. I'm glad you were my first.

*Love Week continues all week (naturally). Let me know if you're doing it too!
**all pictures taken by my talented friend Melinda, who just is cool enough to offer doing stuff like this. Thanks girl.


  1. You're pretty. And so is your baby. The end.

  2. I LOVE Love Week! Which is why I will most certainly copy you. And I love Viv. Why are we going crazy at the same time in the same place without each other?!? I am B.O.R.E.D over here, borderlining on insane depression. Seriously. Also, great pictures. Ha.

  3. Uh this is A-mazing!!! You are such a great writer. This is why my blog posts are mostly pictures.. You are so good at portraying your perfect emotion for cute Viv and everything else. I was like about to cry.. whatev. Also, I stalked your other LOVE posts and lets just say not everyone has a perfect Vday photo shoot.. If only we could all be a you deviant hotty like you! I mean, seriously!! (:

  4. Um. Your make-up is flawless! I am loving all of these photos.



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