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I find it quite hilariously ironic that my scheduled Love Week post for yesterday was supposed to be about a healthy body...and then I got the stomach flu from hell instead and couldn't lift a finger.

Touche, body. Touche.

Today  Yesterday was the exact day one year ago when I had that big surgery on my neck, removing a herniated disc and getting a bone graft taken from my hip, a metal plate and four big screws in my spine. That was fun.

And I know, I know. There are tons of you guys who have lots of surgeries way worse than this one, blah blah blah, I know.  But I feel quite strongly about the fact that if you have had something big happen to you, you can complain, exaggerate and talk about it as much as you want. You earned it.

I talk about my neck brace days fondly in tandem with an exaggerated amount of drama, because mostly it was terrible, but there were some great things about it that still really make me laugh. It was something I will never forget, mostly because my situation was just so pathetically pathetic you could only laugh about it and the experiences that were borne from it were so originally hilarious that I can't even believe they really happened.

 Like that time my friends threw me a neck brace party, in which they all wore neck braces to dinner. That one takes the cake.

 Or when my husband would try to do my hair for me because I couldn't lift my arms above my head.

 Or the amazing countdown chain my friend made for me with great quotes, mostly from Parks and Rec.

And the time baby Vivian looked like Darth Vader.

So today, a year from my surgery, I just want to say how much I love bodies and how thankful I am for mine -- that it healed itself perfectly, that I feel almost 100% back to normal, and although I don't think I'll ever be able to do "extreme sports" like the doctor said I would be able to (DAMN IT! no more hang gliding/bull chasing/roller coasters! df*&%#jdsh!!), I feel pretty good about where I'm at.

A year ago I was pretty mad at mine for throwing such a crappy curve ball my way...but it was a blessing in disguise. Because if not, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to wear this:

Or take 80's glamour shots like this:

And I wouldn't have had the opportunity to get hit on by some random guy 8 months later via email. With his neck brace. Using his neck brace as a pick up line (picture of neckbrace...shirtless, included. no charge. Except for me to return the favor). Incident inspired by this photo below in this very serious, non-sarcastic post.

That really happened. This picture exudes all kinds of serious sexiness. He actually asked me for a picture in my nude neck brace (a phrase I coined, btw) the nude....8 months later. As a consolation prize to his neck brace days of woe. I mean, was this guy desperate or what?! Maybe I would have participated if I was actually still wearing a neck brace...

I put this crazy interaction on Facebook and everyone told me to put Dale in my neck brace with a his shirt off, holding a gun and send that to the perv...and I would have obliged. I just left my two neck braces in Utah. Damn.

Here's to one year., my little neck meat. Let's make it a healthy, gym-going, baby-having, non-neck brace one.

*You can check out all of my neck brace/surgery days here
**Follow the rest of love week here and let me know if you're doing it too!


  1. You totally rocked those neck brace days! So glad for healthy bodies!!

  2. so glad to hear you have healed 100%! i can't imagine how hard it was to deal with that, but you totally rocked that neck brace!



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