2013 run down


Well, 2013 was a little weird. I had this awesome New Year resolution to NOT make any New Year resolutions this year. And you know what? I think it's the only New Year resolutions I've ever completed. I feel quite liberated, really.

On to our run down of our year. Lucky you!

I seriously fell in love with Viv and my role as a mom (yes, it only took me ten months to get over that post-partum cloud of terrible darkness). I think that as January started, Viv started being the best human being ever. That age (ten months) is when babies start being my favorite. She started crawling, was a ham, hilarious, fun and easy to be with. I loved this age so much.

After years of excruciating neck/back pain randomly happening with seemingly no cause at all and never being able to fix it, I finally went to a specialist who told me I needed to have a major surgery to fix a hugely herniated disc in my neck and then where a hard neck brace for 6 months and basically stop doing anything productive...so that was lovely news, and proved to be the defining happening in my year. I had no idea how difficult it really would make my life with little promise of improvement and a lot of promise of pain for long amounts of time.

I tried to make the best of it by bedazzling my neck brace (which was amazing and I'm still really proud of it.) and by starting a series of "how to rock a neck braceherehere and here (please check out these links. they are some of my most hilarious). It helped me get through this kind of hellish ordeal, as did my wonderful friends who made this mostly bearable and helped me make fun of myself, my mom who stayed with me for 2 whole weeks to help out, and dale who basically worked from home for 3 months to take care of everything.

(oh, and remind me tell you guys the story of when a random guy in a neck brace found my blog and this particular "nude neck brace" post, sent me a picture of him shirtless with his neck brace on and asked me to do the same. I'm not kidding. Using your neck brace to hit on someone. It's a whole new level of awesome.)

Viv also started walking right before I got my surgery which was a huge blessing for us. After surgery, I was told that for 6 entire (or more) weeks, I couldn't even pick up Viv or hold her unless I was sitting down and someone handed her to me. It was terrible. And probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. So when she started walking, she could go anywhere in the house without me, and since I couldn't drive for 6 weeks either, we were mostly house bound. We got creative...we bought a little high chair to put on the floor so Viv could sit in there by herself, and we made a little crib on the ground so she could take naps and I wouldn't need to have people around me 24/7, sitting around waiting for me to need help lifting something when my mom left and Dale went back to work. Needless to say, we spend A LOT of time on the floor. But, you know. Eventually we got through it, after a very long and difficult process of recovery. Please bless that I never have to go through it again.

Vivian turned one. It made me really emotional, because duh. It went by faster than I could even fathom. We had a small BBQ party with close friends and Viv destroyed her cake. It was perfect.

Dale and I also celebrated our 4th anniversary, and after a hard year for us, I was grateful to look back at it and remember how great we are together. I sure love that guy. Because then he surprised me with a getaway to Monterey SANS BABY! My mom flew up to watch Viv, we stayed in a B&B and reconnected. It was seriously perfect.

The biggest change that happened to us this year was when we found out that Dale got accepted to the Masters of Business program at CORNELL UNIVERSITY in Ithaca, NEW YORK....He's a genius, but we already knew that. We found out we were moving three months later across the country. And whoa, that seriously changed our summer.

The summer was one of the greatest we've ever had as we tried to cram in as much fun with friends as we could. We went to San Diego a couple times, friends came to visit, and we explored the Bay like crazy. We went on an epic camping trip with friends, went down to Pismo beach with friends, spent a million dollars on the best meals ever in the city, had girls nights, were thrown a fun going away party, and at the end, said too many goodbyes and cried our way to New York (ok, that was just me....it was terrible and I miss it every day).


And then we were in New York. Hot, humid, lonely New York. Dale started school and we were thrown into life, trying to get onto east coast time and finding new friends. Luckily we found friends quickly, as is life at Winston Court. Kids are always around, their moms are always around, and so we glided seamlessly into the little network here. There were bad days still, but we adjusted surprisingly well. Our days were filled with berry picking, waterfall watching, hiking, farmer's marketing, and so on and so forth. We learned that New York is beautiful no matter how much I wanted to hate it.

Viv turned 18 months, went to nursery and kept getting cuter and cuter. Her personality blossomed and she started doing hilarious things that we couldn't get enough of.

Fall break happened, and I actually got to see my husband for an extended amount of time. We took a road trip to Boston and saw the sites and then headed to Salem to check out all the witches there (also had the best food we've had since moving here. like whoa). That was a fun trip with our little family. Fall break is the best thing ever.

Fall officially became my favorite season because of the apple picking, fall festivities and beautiful colors. Also, Halloween, where we made the funniest costumes to date.  I mean....they cannot be beat. And Viv went trick or treating for the first time and was the more adorable freaking kitty ever to grace the earth.

We headed to Connecticut to spend Thanksgiving with some family friends, tried to go to New York City and failed, and then December was upon us.

We made the most epically funny Christmas card of all time, Viv was Mary in the church nativity and stole the show, we had a mini Christmas for Viv before we left, and then we were gone for a month to California/Utah/everywhere else. We spent time with friends and family, were sick almost the entire time, traveled too much, by some miracle got to see my friends' brand new baby that decided not to show up while I was in California, Viv got some wickedly terrible hives, and my brother came home from his 2 year LDS mission in Peru! Good times.





The end, the end. That was long enough, eh? What a year. We met some really great friends this year and had a couple huge changes, but it's been great. Dale's doing amazing in school and we are just living life. We have been extremely blessed. Here's to 2014 (a month into it....)

**I've changed my mind. After finishing this post, I have made a New Years Resolution to not be so lame. Here's to being cooler.**


  1. Ahhhh! I miss you! This made me feel all sorts of crazy emotions. So many good times last year. I hope you guys come back this summer so we can make a million more crazy memories and I can hold and meet YOUR baby. Also, I had the same resolution this year of not having any resolutions (which is totally opposite of me). It's pretty liberating. So here's to a "no goal" 2014! Except you need to be more cooler I guess??? (I'm translating that to mean... Have another kid and move back to California for the summer). I will toast to that! Cheers!

  2. Loved this. So glad you're doin' the Cornell thing at the same time as us. It wouldn't be nearly as awesome here without you guys.



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