it's been all radio silence and lulls over here, which is fine by me. I like a little radio silence once in a while. We've just been floating around, doing whatever we do and enjoying whatever that is. Turkeys and pies, trees and lights, chocolate croissants and winter berries and terribly cold weather that brings out the hibernation in everyone.

Maybe that's what we've been doing? Hibernating. I like it. That's a thing, right?

Anyway.....seriously, nothing has been going on, and I have been so very wonderfully, luxuriously and agonizingly lazy, doing the things that I want and not doing the things I don't. Like a yes man...except a yes girl (woman?)

Things happen when you do the things you want. Like the time that I decided to not do one thing during the day except hang out with my baby girl. And then a moment happened where I was reading out loud on my bed, and she climbed up, sat her little bum right up next to me and started coloring away, listening to me read. It was the most perfect moment of all time. You know the kind.

And then there was that one Saturday when I dressed up in my dressiest "tried by didn't" look (with lipstick even!) just to go to the Farmer's Market because I wanted to, and bought that baguette I wanted from the French place and bought a whole stick of brussel sprouts and then cut down some berries illegally just so i could add some red into my home (i'm weirdly into red right now...the only color among my very neutral-ish color scheme at the moment.) And while I was at said Farmer's market, I got that chocolate croissant I wanted so I could heat it up in my oven and sip on the hot chocolate i would buy on the way home, getting there just as the kid was about to take a nap. And while I wanted all of these things, I didn't fully expect them to happen, but I kind of willed it.  And you know what? It worked out how I wanted....it was a beautiful, lazy and perfect Saturday afternoon.

So, you know. Just Say Yes! And all that Anti-Nancy Reagan stuff.

In other news, it snows here, and we California girls aren't exactly fans (even though we're technically from Utah, but climatization is a THING you guys)

Also Pie Day, which was a whopping success. I got Dale all to myself for a whole entire week which is a rarity these days, and we took a little trip to Connecticut to see one of our surrogate/favorite families to join them for Thanksgiving. We love you Rosdahls! Thanks so much for always graciously hosting us and treating us as your own....and for letting Viv maul your dog....

And then, there was this time where we attempted to just GO to New York City...I mean, I've never been, ok? 

We like, went to Shake Shack and stuff, because isn't that like, what all the cool bloggers do, and like, stuff? I'll tell you one thing...I wasn't impressed. That's all ok? They call it the In N Out of the East Coast, and I'm like

It's not that bad, but it's not that amazing either. Sooooo ya. All I'm saying is I get to have In N Out in approximately 2 weeks, and I'm dreaming about it. That's all I'm saying. I just really like food, ok?

As for the rest of NYC...it was a huge failure, and I'm trying to forget about it. 
Let's not even talk about it ok? 
I'm actually pretending we didn't even go so that I can dub my next really-awesome-amazing-and-perfect-kidless-unfreezing New York trip as my FIRST one. 

A few tips: 
Don't go in the winter
Don't go down 5th Avenue on Black Friday
Don't take your kids
Don't be stupid about it

That's it. Being a yes girl really does pay off most of the time. Try it!
It might lead to you being Marilyn Monroe and singing Happy Birthday Mr. President to your husband, and THEN all bets are off, all because you said yes. ;). I don't know personally, I just heard that works.



  1. The whole time I was reading this I kept thinking about the movie "Yes Man"... and all those people at the convention yelling, "Yes Man! Yes Man! Yes!". haha. Glad you are a yes girl. And glad you blogged because I like to see things in your neck of the woods and dream about croissants and cocoa! YES!

  2. Haha! I loved everything about this post. I am also dreaming of In N Out. And warmth. And chocolate croissants...



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