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It's the only apple title I could think of, ok? And it has nothing to do with this post....except the apples part.

So, apples. Let's talk about them.

I have never really liked apples. Weird, right? Who doesn't like apples? I didn't like apple pie. I didn't like apple cider. I didn't like apple butter or apple crisp or just plain apples.  It's not like I wouldn't eat them, but I just really liked other fruits instead. And as a rule, I don't like my fruits baked. If i'm going to take the time to bake something, it won't be healthy by any stretch of the imagination, and it will involve chocolate at some point. It's just a spiritual rule I have.

Then, well, we moved to upstate New York, the apple capital of the WOOOOOORRRRRLLLLD (actually I have no idea if that's true, but it seems like it.) And here's a little math for you:

Fall is to apples as Meth is to Walter White

They just go together, you know?

Obviously, when we moved here, I had to give dem apples one more go. 
There are u-pick apple orchards everywhere around here, and it's inevitable that there will be copious amounts of fall festivals and apple picking parties and all kinds of apple recipes popping up on the internet, inundating my brain with apples and cinnamon and sugar and pie crusts.

What I'm trying to say is this: we went to a fall festival and picked some apples! and painted pumpkins! and ate some food!

Ok. So here are those pictures. This is a blog after all.

Pulled pork with apple and cabbage chuteny- schmidty style (New Girl FTW!!!)

See these impossible dark red Snow White-looking apples? They are real life. Called Macoun apples, which I've never even heard of, they are sweeter than any apple of my life. I'm a Honeycrisp girl myself, but these Macouns are like candy, and juicier than apple juice, if you can believe it. Viv kept taking a few bites out of random apples and then throwing them on the ground.  Obviously we believe in being green and composting the crap out of our food. Just doing our part, you know.

That was that. It was a fun Saturday, and I came home with fresh apple cider that CHANGED MY LIFE and made a whole bunch of apple desserts with my newly-picked apples, because I am seriously addicted now. My rule has not changed; I generally do not like my fruits baked, and I definitely still require some kind of chocolate in most everything, BUT!

Because I love you guys and I'm the coolest person you know, here's a few of my favorite recipes that you must try now:

**An apple crisp that is easy and delicious and will knock your socks off every time. It's my go-to, late-night lonely dessert I make in the fall when I'm having fat girl syndrome.
**Mini apple pies./cookies that you will LITERALLY die over. (add a little vanilla and lemon to the apple mixture and WHOA.)
**And these little baked apple donuts that are so pretty it will bring a tear to your eye. I haven't actually made them yet, but they are on my short list.

And now I make a request of you: Do you or your mother or your grandma or your sister's friend's mom's grandma's lover have a KILLER (I mean divine) apple pie recipe? I'm determined to find one. I've tried a few and they have been too sweet or too dry or too something. I'm picky about this now that I like apple desserts sometimes. Anyway, please share the wealth.

Over and out.


  1. My neighbor made me some apple dumplings and they were so good! When I got the recipe, I was a skeptic, but don't knock em till you try em. I
    ve made them with crescents but I bet it would be good with pie crust too.

  2. I just happened to marry a man who is the King at making Apple Pie. I'll see if I can get him to give me the recipe for you ;)

    For reals though, to die for!

  3. I don't like apples either! Thank you for understanding! Every time I eat them I think, "I don't really like this." But I just keep eating them here and there throughout life. Because people eat apples. But, I will continue to just think "I don't really like this."

  4. "Fall is to apples as meth is to Walter White." Dying.

  5. I'm so jealous you live around so many apple orchards! I crave an activity like that this time of year and apple orchards don't exist in the damn desert. BUT, when I lived in chicago, I had a neighbor who made this apple pie that i fell in love with and I am like you, I am NOT an apple pie person! I'm actually not even a PIE person at all! I hate pie crust, but this was a super yummy apple pie with like a streusel crumb topping! Anyways, I am gonna send you the recipe...I myself haven't made it yet cuz I'm afraid I won't be able to make it as good as she did cuz she was like a freaking martha stewart. But you should try it and lemme know what you think! I'll FB msg it to you!


    this is the hands down winner, everyone loves it whenever I make it.



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