The other day we did a little pumpkin patching sesh with some of our cool friends out here. We froze our butts off, ate a dozen cider and pumpkin donuts each, got duped into feeding the animals and paid for some seriously overpriced pumpkins...all in the name of fall. you know how that goes.


Add this little mischievious face to the mix and the cuteness factor is just too much. Especially because she thought that the pumpkins were her own personal little chairs.

 Viv loves these little friends of hers. They call her Bib and she follows them around everywhere. Side note: how impossible is it to get kids to look at the camera all at the same time? Am I right?

Anyway....we carved those puppies while Viv painted hers and it's been an all around Halloween-filled week! I love it.

If you're ever looking to do New York (hint hint, come visit me), October is the definitely the month to come. It's full of amazing leaves and old haunted houses and all the other stuff Octobers are known for.

In other news, we had our branch Halloween party last weekend. Viv has been obsessed with cats lately and so a cat she is. Aren't you glad you get to see our costumes before Halloween? I'm so on top of my game. 

Dale stole the show this year with his costume. I hatched the idea, he executed. In two hours he designed and sewed this bad boy without error. He is a genius. 
So I'll give you a few guesses as to what he is:

A) a big piece of poop
B) a potato
C) a cigar
D) an appendage of the body that should not have legs
E) my broom

If you guessed D, then you are hilarious and I love you (don't say it didn't cross your mind). If you guessed E, you would be right. I think it's a hilarious pairing, and Dale kept making all of these sexual inuendos all night about me "riding my broom", etc, etc. Typical male behavior.

I thought it would be funny if I actually DID ride him, purely in the sense of a witch flying on her broom. And it was hilarious and tame and not at all racy. I didn't even think it was inappropriate until I posted it on good ole Instagram and got some comments that led me to believe that maybe it was a little bit off-color to ride a broom in the church gym?

I mean, whatever. It's funny, you can't say it's not. I love people with a great sense of humor.

So basically October has been great. Pumpkins and cemeteries and inappropriate costumes and lots of sugar cookies make it what it is. Anytime there is something inappropriate and awkward involved, I will undoubtably love it. Here's to actual Halloween in two days time, where Viv will probably go trick-or-treating for 10 minutes and we'll call it a night. And then I'll get to snuggle my bowl of popcorn by myself and watch something Alfred Hitchcock-ish.


  1. Haha, best costume award definitely goes to Dale! I laughed until I cried a little.

  2. I'm dying. You guys are hilarious and I love it. Ps. Vivian's costume is so so cute.

  3. Viv does look ridiculously cute in her cat costume, but her little brown pea coat she wore to the pumpkin patch!?!? I'm dying! I'll take one in my size, please!



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