Hail, All Hail, Cornell!!


Say what you will about Andy Bernard and Cornell, but he's got a point:


Ever heard of it?

Cornell is a beautiful campus, but in the fall....I mean, it's unreal. In my mind, it is the epitome of an East Coast fall: historic buildings, ivy creeping up the sides of Gothic architecture, surrounded by fall-ish leaves in every autumnal hue, and gray, crisp skies laced with the overpowering faint scent of old money and trust funds. Sometimes, if you listen carefully, you can even hear overtures of Here Comes Treble drifting across campus from the clock tower bells. Imagine lots of plaid ties, navy blazers with a coat of arms emblazoned on the lapel, and khaki pants, too; cardigan wearing-men and studious Asians all milling about in one great mass of intelligence.

I love meeting Dale after classes and walking around, dragging Viv (the slowpoke of all slowpokes) who elicits all kinds of attention, stopping traffic like a pro (her curly hair gets all kinds of crazy attention here, and so does my should-be-a-student-but-young-married-mother-what-a-waste-of-a-life status). We've made sure to amp up our wardrobes with all kinds of Cornell gear (we've found that it actually makes us smarter and funnier), and then wear it with pride, because, duh. It's Cornell.

Fun fact: about a month after we got here, Viv started suddenly speaking in tongues and producing Picasso-like pieces of art. I was all of a sudden creating and solving Calculus problems while grocery shopping and started singing four-part harmonies by myself. Dale started wearing cardigans and spouting off Socrates during dinner. It's a weird phenomenon to get used to, but it's just something about the air here. So much...what's the word....propensity? Sagacity? Originality? Perspicacity? (look up "genius" in the thesaurus). A lot of -itys, if you get my meaning. You can't help but catch a bit of it.

Here, to the untrained eye, it may look like Viv's making a wish that someday her dad will make lots of money to buy her as many crayons, kitties, doggies and treats as he possibly can and then pay off our unbelievable debt all in one fell swoop. But to us Cornellians, we know that our trust fund will take care of that. I was just trying to be tactful. Sorry. Viv's actually contemplating the life and impact a small and seemingly insignificant dandelion can have on the universe.

And anyway, I hope this post didn't come across as too in your face, as it were. I mean, we go to Cornell, so what? We're kind of a big deal, so what? We're all equal. It's fine. We know that squash is actually a game, not just a plant. We know that crew is an old money sport, not just a type of shirt or your group of friends. We know that cardigans aren't for the faint of heart and that you don't know what apple cider actually tastes like unless you've tasted it from our upstate apples.

It's true what our Alma Mater states:

Hail, all hail, Cornell! (especially in the fall)


  1. I am literally laughing out loud! This post is hilarious. You would make the Nard-Dog proud!

  2. you're hilarious. Viv's face in those pictures is priceless! She's definitely thinking hard about something.

  3. these pictures are insanely gorgeous. I wish I was smart enough to go to cornell. cuz I'd move there in a heartbeat.

  4. I love your blog and your pictures are amazing! What lens do you use?!?



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