Ithaca-ness: Farmer's Market


You guys know my undying love for Farmer's Markets, right? I kind of want to marry all the farmer's markets everywhere. You know how that goes.

Last Saturday we headed to Ithaca's very own little market which happened to be anything but little. A small tip: don't get the crazy, insanely, suicidally spicy Cambodian food they sell there. Because they don't sell water bottles since they're not "natural". And just when I thought I got away from the crazy organic hippies in Berkeley.....

Let's talk about the flowers though. The flowers here? UNBELIEVABLE. Hydrangeas as big as my head. Perfect Dahlias. Beautiful mums. They sell little bouquets in mason jars. It's like organic Pinterest in real life.

Also: an Amish person I snuck a picture of. mwahaha! Is he really Amish? That is the question. We'll pretend he is. It makes this whole experience seem more organic (see what I did there?).

Just outside the market is a little dock over Cayuga Lake (one of the five Finger Lakes). People sit on edges and dangle their feet and feed the ducks and eat their organic, local, gluten-free, sugar-free, perfectly hippie food. It's picturesque, really.

Viv kept diving for the water; we had to keep a sharp eye out for that little darter. She has no fear and is as adventurous as they come and she loooooves to swim. She kept grabbing our hands to dip her feet in the water.

Then we asked some unsuspecting girl to take our picture. Little did she know she would be assaulted by Dale's stupid picture face. As stunning as the man is, he will not, can not, shall not take a good picture. He insists on ruining everything with his dorkiness. This side of him was NOT apparent when we were dating, because ya....who knows what our relationship would have been if it had shown up.

Anyway, I call that a good Saturday. We made out with stellar ingredients for our Sunday dinner, which happened to be the best pizza I've ever made in my entire life.
Hold on. That bears repeating:

and you know me. I know pizza.

Recipe coming soon. As riveting as this blog is, I promise you will NOT want to miss it.


  1. Looks like such a fun market!


  2. Beautiful pictures!!Your blog is lovely!!!! xxx
    Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

  3. I miss NY in the fall! You guys get to be there for what is, in my opinion, the best season in upstate NY!


  4. Elyse, you take amazing pictures! And, I definitiely remember that Amish guy from when I went to the Farmers Market too. HAHA!

  5. Why you have to be so pretty and witty and all that? Pssshhh. Loved this post. Love this market. See, there is hope for Ithaca! Hope I tell you!

  6. So you don't miss the classy Concord farmer's market? I mean just trade that cute Amish man for a couple homeless guys and it's practically the same thing.



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