In which we leave the west coast


We are officially moved to the East coast. I have only been here a few days and have spent most of those days sleeping away that killer 3-hour time change, slowly unpacking and suffocating in this humidity (seriously, it's killing me). After 10+ hours of plane time, 8 + hours of airport time, and delays up the freakin' wazoo with a 16 MO baby and a mom who saved my life, I'm about to swear off traveling FOR-EV-ERRRR (name that movie).

Anyway, it's been a blur. I haven't felt much like blogging, because, let's be honest here: My life has been in shambles for months now. packing tape, cardboard boxes, u-hauls and bubble wrap have been dancing around in my dreams like sugarplum fairies are supposed to at Christmas. and it's been like that for months. When I wasn't procrastinating packing, I was spending as much time as I could with friends.I think we did more in my last two weeks than we had in the last two months. I wish my entire life could always be like that.

A rundown of our crazy fun two weeks of crammage up next (read: picture overload that you don't care about):

1. City date nights, like Roy's and Swensen's ice cream gooooood.


2. A going away party, complete with headstones and polaroids and an outdoor movie. Thanks so much girls.





2. Girl's nights (with crepes) (I miss you)

3. Play dates with our favorite little friends (and their moms who saved my can while I was packing)


4. A last minute weekend getaway to Pismo. The boys to hit the sand dunes, the girls to shop....and stuff. This has to be one of my favorite trips yet because of the late night talks, funny inside jokes born there, and the disgustingly dirty beach house that we were all grossed out to live in but would stay there again in a heartbeat if we could. I think. Also, we bought the largest pizza I've ever come in contact with, celebrated a cool guy turning 30, and found out that Viv really is in love with Ellie, and wouldn't go anywhere that weekend without holding her hand. So sweet. And such a fun trip.


5. And my very last night in Concord where we all got together with a smorgasborg of food and avoided talking about the inevitable. I was so emotional that day, and saying goodbye was way too hard. annnnnd....moving on. I miss these people.




As for NY? I have to be fair: it hasn't been half bad. I want to hate it here, but I can't. It is unbelievably gorgeous; I freaking live in a forest people, ok? Instead of falling asleep to the sound of police sirens, I fall asleep with my window open and the hum of bugs and frogs outside my window. There are wildflowers in my yard, little spotted dear walk across front lawns like they own the place and there are waterfalls around every corner. And so many cool places to visit close by! The people I've met so far are great, and as much as I'm resisting it, I can tell that I will love it here if I let myself. There are definitely crappy parts, BUT, you know. This is me. Being positive. Aren't you proud?

If I've learned anything from past moves, it's this: life is way easier when you stop throwing yourself a pity party and get on with it. Be involved, be yourself and be outgoing, even when you don't feel like it. When I started doing that, I made some of the greatest friends I will ever have.

So, in the midst of Cornell zoobies, late nights and loan debts, food stamps and fish-smelling apartments, I think I might like this new adventure. I can't wait to explore this place.

don't tell anyone I admitted to that.


  1. So glad you guys made it there safely! Also, thanks for this post, I totally needed to hear the "get on with it" part. You are simply wonderful.

  2. Moving is so sad.... but I am positive that some day I'll read a post just like this one, all about your time in NY :) You and your little family will love life wherever you are, because you just take life into your own hands! That's why it's so fun to read about the things you guys do. Love you!! Good luck getting settled!

  3. Yay, I'm so happy to hear that you are loving it in NY already! I knew you would :) And you are right...its all about your attitude and just moving on...with the right attitude, you can be happy anyplace! Can't wait to see your blog posts about all your upcoming NY adventures!

  4. moving is so hard! glad you are being positive.. sounds like you're gonna really like it here! i'm from PA, but claiming the whole east coast as "here" for now ;)



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