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I seem to be having lots of lasts lately. Everything I do, I think that it could possibly be my last time doing it, seeing someone or eating something. To try and cut down the depressing-ness of those thoughts, we decided to make a bucket list. My list of to-dos was ever-growing as I thought of all the things that I had never done and wanted to do before we leave.

On the very tip top of that prestigious list was just this:

Camping, camping camping. I love me some camping. 
It's like, our thing, you know?
Anyway, one of my final wishes was to go on a big camping trip with friends at some awesome location. Although that awesome location turned out to be the same place we camped at 2 years ago (with the Romanians, remember?), it was well worth it.

Our camping consisted of gourmet meals, lots of lake time in floaties, and a whole lot of dirt with some seriously funny peeps.

And then Viv got heat stroke, so that was fun. 

We split our time equally between eating food and playing in the lake that was right next to our campsite. Viv couldn't have been any happier with her own mini chair and miles of dirt and rocks. She's such a good little camper.

It was so much fun to spend some quality time with a few of our favorite friends and just forget about our impending move. Sometimes a girl just needs to escape into the wild, you know? And you really can't beat the view.

Beautiful scenery, pretty light streaming through the trees and some good ole bacon. I mean, I had to.
And with that, we checked camping off our bucket list with a little bit of sadness only to move on to the next.

Stay tuned!
Ps: I stole a few of these group pics off my friends blog. Thanks A!


  1. I love camping! Can't wait now for my trip in August now.

  2. I'm hating all these lasts! Sad that you're leaving but so excited for your adventure! Looked like a fun weekend. Your pictures are amazing!

  3. This looks like such a great trip, so glad you guys got to have some fun before you take off!




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