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As our impending move looms closer and closer, I can't' stop thinking of this beautiful city that I'm leaving. San Francisco...somewhere I never would have dreamed I would end up, let alone love fiercely. Full of crazy people, inspiring architecture, the best food you will ever have, and great fashion with amazing thrift stores. You can't beat the weather or the views over here at this little gem on the west coast.

A while back, one of my sweet and hilarious friends from high school came to visit me (my very first visiting friend!). Katie is one of my low-maintenence friends. Do you guys have those? The friends that you don't talk to regularly, but when you get together it's like you never have been apart? That's what Katie is for me. We can laugh like nobody's business, and I love that about her. She's adventurous, and brings out that side in me.

During her quick visit, we made sure to dedicate a whole day to San Francisco (where she actually had never been! And that's saying something, since she travels everywhere). So, Dale "worked from home" and we set out for that bustling place.


The Italian District holds a special pull for us every since we stumbled onto this little coal-fired pizza place (Tony's, but what else would you expect in the Italian district?). We love the huge slices of pizza we get there, and usually get two a piece.

You really can't go wrong with pizza in my book, but this pizza we just loooooove. 
Gelato followed. Obviously. Because, Italy.

We wandered around North Shore for a bit, chasing pigeons and the like.


The sweeping views of colorful buildings always amaze me. The ocean on the horizon and old victorian-esque buildings stacked together like dominoes. This city is so original. Each store front something new, each house with it's own personality. Cars teetering on the steep streets that lead up to the sky that goes for miles, crossed occasionally with bus lines and power cords. It's my dream to live in this city one day.

We headed to our new found spot (to me) China Beach with a perfect view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Beautiful day, beautiful view (and the houses in this area! HOLY TRILLIONARES--THEY ACTUALLY HAVE YARDS!!).

The ocean was freezing, and although it was a beautiful day, down in this little cove was windy and cold. Nothing us Norcal peeps can't handle though. Jacket's are always essential, you know. Always.


 Thus our adventures in the city ended, and we were exhausted. The city really takes it out of you. It was so fun. and I'm glad I had a friend to show around before we leave. I don't get into the city as much as I'd like to.

The rest of Katie's visit was low key, full of food and laughing and cleaning up Viv's throw up AND poop. (sidenote: Katie is a flight attendant, so she's good at it. first thing she did when I picked her up from the airport was clean up after Viv puked all over her new car seat. And then before she left, Viv pooped multiple times all over our floor and then stepped in it. Katie was gracious enough to capture that on camera for us. Thanks girl)

Thanks for visiting Katie! We like you!

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  1. I love this! I'm so excited I made this famous blog :) and the pictures turned out so great! loved this trip. next stop...New York! I'm ready when you are. loves

  2. I love me some san fran! Sad to see you leave but I'm sure your new adventures will be amazing!


  3. Ahahaha this is just an all around great post. Love the photos, content, and humor...I mean, that last picture?? Hilarious. I am the biggest fan of low maintenance friends, SO thankful people like that exist or I'd probably be too busy to have any friends haha



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