Sooo....did I mention we're moving to New York?


yes. we. are.

I mean, It's been like...a month since we found out? I think? And I've failed to mention it here because then I would actually have to face this stupid realtiy that is moving across the country into a no-money, no-friend zone.

On a more positive note, we are moving to Ithaca, NY because Dale got accepted to Cornell University's Masters of Business program...and I'm super proud of him. He's been preparing, studying, essay writing, and an all-around application master for a year and half now. Dale has some seriously lofty dreams, and he set his sights on getting into one of the top 10 schools in the country. and he did it. He totally did it! An Ivy League school, even! It's in a small college town that looks SO BEAUTIFUL, surrounded by a million trees, right by the Finger Lakes, and all kinds of amazing nature and sights.


For a while there, we didn't think we got in anywhere, and I was mostly relieved with just a tiny bit of regret...I mean, I've never been to the East coast before, and how cool would it be to move somewhere for a little bit that's different then the norm, right?
And then one random day, we got a totally unexpected call telling us that we were accepted....and then our whole future changed in two seconds and I didn't know what I wanted.

School starts the beginning of August, so we are leaving the great state of California the end of July. Across the whole damn country. From one coast to another, but THIS time, we're moving to buckets and buckets of SNOW.

Let's be honest here: there are so many reasons why I don't want to move. I'll be so incredibly sad to leave my friends here and miss babies growing up and new houses and hang outs and girls nights and my wonderful ward and blah blah blah.

So depressingly sad about it.
I've come to the conclusion that I just get way too attached to people and places, and when change comes like it inevitably will, I kind of spiral down into an embarrassing hole of negativity.

But you know how sometimes you find that place that just changes you and the people there have given you experiences you could never forget and it's just different? That's how I feel about things here.
And sure, we will make great new friends while we're at school AND have some awesome experiences AND get to visit so many amazing places AND end up loving the East Coast AND all of the school loans and so much debt and poor living and being so far away from all family and friends and really ridiculously expensive and long flights across the country....IT WILL ALL BE WORTH IT (insert a million doubtful expressions and question marks here).

Can you tell? I'm in that negative spiral I was talking about.
I'm still a little bit in denial, but I'm trying really hard to be positive about it all. We have moving boxes piling up on our deck, I'm starting to make a mental catalog of the things that need to be thrown away or sold or put into storage, and I'm starting to get panic attacks when I think of flying across the country with a squirmy toddler for an entire day and then dealing with adjusting baby sleep with new time zones and then feeling guilty when I'll need to by huge amounts of chocolate and ice cream to cope because I'll be living off of the government instead of a salary we earned.

HA. Deep breath.

Ok...I'm done.

Now, let's not talk about it anymore and pretend it's not happening.
Meanwhile, I have a huge bucket list to conquer and my spending habits are going to pot because HEY...we'll be in major debt anyway and I have the "sacrificing wife for husband's dream" card to play--you know the one I'm talking about.

Works like a charm, people.

ps: really though, do you guys know anyone who has/will be living in Ithaca, NY come August? Send them our way. We need friends!! Also...start planning your trips out east to visit. We will only be living 4 hours away from NYC, so in other words....GIRLS WEEKENDS AND PARTIES AND SHOPPING AND BROADWAY AND FOOD, BIOTCHES!


  1. ..... I love moving I won't lie.... New places and adventures seem really exciting and fun to me so I am completely excited/a little envious of you.. But leaving the people you meet and love is a tough one for me, too. I won't lie I have big problems with it. BUT.... It'll be so worth it!!! I mean NYC close by? Go live it up. Right? And congrats to your smarty of a husband! Cornell is very impressive.

  2. So I had to google where Itaca is. Home of the ice cream sunday??? That is so amazing, and worth it right there. We are so excited for you guys, that is awesome and kind of scary at the same time. But mostly awesome.

  3. Yay for poor living!! Haha oh girl you are going to be living it up in NY!! That sounds like a scary, fun, awesome adventure! I am getting excited for you! Moving stinks but with how amazingly gorgeous, talented, witty, strong, funny, and smart you are ...there is no way you won't make a million friends and have a great experience! So so neat! :) love ya girl!

  4. ok, I love upstate New York! My inlaws live super close in a small town called Horseheads. My father-in-law is part of the high council so you may see him in your ward! (Pretty sure they're the only Mormon Zurchers there, haha) If you ever need dinner, they will feed you in a heartbeat! (And my mother-in-law is full of spunk! You'd be in for a night of entertainment. Those redheads ;) I am so excited for you!

    Also, we're planning a trip next summer. Totally going to visit! :)

  5. aw, it's going to be amazing, you're going to live the east coast!! snow isn't so bad, i promise! :)

  6. How exciting! I'm sure NY is going to be fabulous for you guys!


  7. I totally understand that you are freaking out! Even though I want to say 'What an adventure!' and all of that I would be lying if I said I wouldn't be shaking in my boots.

    I am totally jealous though! My husband still has a year left of undergrad and then law school after that - and we have no idea where that will take us ... life is scary! If there is one thing I have learned from reading your blog its that you are strong! You will totally own New York! You also have the cutest family ever - which helps.

    So get it girl! Don't hold back and do EVERY fun thing you can!

  8. I am so EXCITED for you guys!!! I know change is hard, but I promise you will look back on your NY adventure sooooo fondly someday and you will be SO thankful you went! I actually MISS our poor-student, living-off-the-government, getting-free-stuff-and-discounts-everywhere, living-in-our-tiny-old-ghetto-apartment, enjoying-the-simple-things lifestyle of our school days in chicago :) so ENJOY! :) And congrats to your husband on such an amazing accomplishment!

  9. I do not even know where to begin with this because I am currently in the process of my third major move in my four year relationship (following the boy and his dream as well), and the downward spiral of negativity is inevitable.Except for when I moved to Hawaii because I would be crazy to be negative about that.

    It sucks! Moving sucks, leaving everything you have come to know and love sucks! But there are positives like new adventures, new friendships, and knowing people in other places so you can go back and visit. We relocated from the west to the east two years ago and it is not easy or fun (sorry, but it is true), you do get rid of a lot of stuff that is not worth keeping though. The East brings the opportunity to travel a lot of different places in a small geographical area and we have tried to take advantage of that.

    I wish you all the best in the process, just try to stay focused on the positive things to come, it is really the only thing that has helped me (and a puppy). Good Luck!

  10. We just moved for grad school too, to Texas. Totally feel you on the student loans/knowing nobody etc etc. But it is fun to be moving on! Good luck. Your little fam is darling!



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