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A few weeks ago, we headed down to San Diego to attend Dale's grandma's funeral. It was sad to say goodbye, but I wanted to really remember her, and so I'm writing this to help me remember what I loved most about her. Though I only knew her for a couple years, I remember feeling an instant connection with her when I met her. To me, she was the epitome of the era I love so much, with stories of her life that could be in a novel.

One thing I loved about Mamo was her ability to tell really great stories. When we would visit, she always told us the story of how she graduated Valedictorian of her high school class. She would comment on my long dark hair and how she was a beautician when she was younger, cutting and styling hair in the glamorous 40's. Once I asked her to teach me how to do finger waves, and she taught me all of her old school tricks.

During World War II, she went to help the war effort by building planes, and later, she went to school and that's where she met the love of her life, a Marine man and Dale's grandpa, Eugene Puckett. I loved when she told me about their love's one that I think is so perfect. They were married for 65 years, one of my biggest and most treasured examples of true love and lasting relationships. Eugene, or Papa as we call him, has always seemed to be totally and completely in love with his wife. It was so sweet to see them together. I feel like they are that iconic couple of love through the ages, classic and beautiful. That is something I will always strive to emulate in my own marriage is the compassion and deep love they showed for each other, even after so many years together. I'm glad that Dale has that in his genes.

 Mamo, was the funniest old lady I have ever met in my life. She was spunky and hilarious and sarcastic. I always was in love with her style and how she made sure to look nice every day, with her beautiful jewelry and great stories of her life and their travels around the world. Their house is filled with trinkets and unique, beautiful pieces, each with a story.

When we lived in Utah, Dale and I visited San Diego a lot since it was such a short drive for us. One time when I was visiting, Mamo pulled out her beautiful, vintage wedding dress from the 40's. Me and my vintage loving heart freaked out. It was BEAUTIFUL! She had extra pieces of her original silky fabric that she was going to get rid of, and as I was getting married in the next few months, I asked her if I could maybe make my wedding garter out of her pieces of fabric. And she said yes!! It was a literal dream come true. My mother in law sewed two beautiful garters for me, and I feel privileged that I get to have this piece of Mamo that has so much significance to me.

Towards the end, Mamo grew forgetful and would tell us story after story, a lot of them the same. One of my favorites was when she told me about the new fad "jogging" that came out when she was younger. She had read an obscure book about running for fun. She thought it was so interesting, so one day, she started jogging down the street. All of a sudden, a pair of policemen come up to her in a panic, "ma'am! ma'am! Are you alright? Can we help?!", Mamo was so confused and said no, thanks but she was fine. "But why are you running? What are you running from?", She told them it was a new thing called jogging, and that she was just running for fun. In her version of the story, the police were very confused and left a little wary of the situation, but everytime she told it, I laughed my head off. She was such a great story teller!

But one of the things I loved the most about visiting San Diego was Mamo's beautiful garden that she worked so hard on. I swear that woman could grow anything, and she always had a million knick knacks and beautiful flowers, but the coolest thing was her humongous macadamia nut tree. She worked so hard in her yard and it was beautiful. She always would send us packages of her nuts covered in chocolate, and they were amazing.

While we were there visiting for the funeral, I wanted to take pictures of the things that remind me most of her. This is her beautiful yard, and I will always love it. They remind me of her and her spunky personality.








Even though we know that Mamo is happier and feels much better where she is now, the funeral was difficult because of the sadness Papa showed saying goodbye. It was heartbreaking to see him so devastated by the departing of the love of his life, to the pont that it looked like he just couldn't go on without her. It was so sad, but heartwarming at the same time. It was wonderful to see such true love.

I hope that my relationship with Dale can be as filled with love and longing as theirs was. Mamo was a wonderful person with a wonderful posterity. We sure will miss her.

Photo cred courtesy of my Sis in law, Jannah


  1. She sounds so special. I'm so glad you listened to her stories! And someday your little grandkids will have all your stories you're posting to this blog :) They will love you just as much.

  2. i loved reading this-- i love hearing stories from a long time ago, and the jogging story was fantastic! I thought people had always just jogged for fun. Hilarious.

  3. Such a beautiful post! You describe her as someone everyone would love to be friends with, I know I would! Thank you for sharing.

    Also- I am a new follower! Love your blog



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