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Easter was so much fun this year. I guess that's what having kids will do to you.

We started it off with a little Easter breakfast and egg hunt on Saturday. This little one wasn't interested at all in finding the eggs. She just liked to shake them. By the time we got outside to hunt for eggs, all of them were basically gone, but Viv just held onto her Easter basket for dear life and walked all around the grass, laughing at the kids.

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And then, because I'm a super embarrassing mom with a huge camera and lots of time on my hands, we went home and had a little Easter egg hunt of our own with the eggs we colored with friends the night before. Viv looked so freakin' cute in her little dress and tights that I just had to take advantage of it. I mean, Easter colors in eggs and clothes are the best colors, am I right?

Seriously. Look at her in all her cheesy, rolly polly goodness! I couldn't get enough, hence the onslaught of pictures...I mean, really. Could you narrow these down if it was you?

PicMonkey Collage2


PicMonkey Collage3


Don't even worry that the red egg with polka dots has "you suck" etched into it...courtesy of Dale.
Of course.


PicMonkey Collage6

I mean, THAT FACE!

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I was so mad when I realized this picture turned out blurry. It's my favorite Vivian Cheese face, and I just couldn't leave it out, blurry or not. 
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Easter morning was pretty low-key. After slaving away all night on a little fox doll for Vivian (the same fox doll we originally planned to have finished by Christmas...but alas), Dale and I were exhausted. We threw a little Easter basket together for Viv that included plastic eggs with Cheerios in them and a few little sand toys, and of course Foxy Loxy, which she promptly left in the dust (I knew that would happen).

Until I made her carry it around, just because we spent so much dang time on it, and SHE WILL like it. Or else. 

My little sister was visiting, so we had a nice big breakfast with our favorite German Pancakes, made Viv wear her annual bunny ears (can you believe how fast they grow in ONE YEAR?!), and headed to church.
photo 2
My sister, Viv and I were flying out to Utah that same day, so our schedule was hectic. By the time I got done teaching my Sunday School class, Dale and my sis had gone home early, started dinner and had changed out of Easter clothes and all before I could even get that obligatory Sunday Best Easter Dressed picture. You know the one. The one that everyone and their dog posts on Instagram on Easter Sunday?
You know you did it too.

And because I am a rule-follower and traditionalist at heart, I forced Vivian back into her cute little Easter dress and we took that damn obligatory picture all classy in front of the fire hydrant.

photo 4

And then I begrudgingly let Dale in the picture even though he was sporting a shirt from our rival high school and didn't look an inch Easter-y. But hey. Family photo-op, right? Plus my dress is cute, so we had to. Don't mind that it makes me look pregnant. Because I most definitely am NOT.

photo 3

So anyway, that was our Easter in an nut eggshell (HA HA!)
How was yours?


  1. Love those eggs! Those are super cool!


  2. Just been catching up on your life and I couldn't leave without telling you how much I love your child.

  3. Your baby girl is absolutely gorgeous! So cute :)

    Glenna May



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