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Oh, hi.

I have been in Utah for the last ten days or something like that, and while I was there, I had all if these great intentions to blog all of these awesome things (like being officially neck brace-less!) (and a recipe!) (and something else cool I forgot about!).

But then, the second day I was there, out of the blue came the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH. My computer went kaput, and potentially my whole life with it.

You know all the glorious things you put on your computer? stuff like high school, old school, young school, family, dating, friend, scandalous blackmail and old scanned pictures, as well as Vivian's ENTIRE little life in pictures and videos and also every single shred of work i did in college all organized and pretty in little folders on your desktop.

But guess who hasn't backed up their information?

THIS IDIOT. that's who.

So yes, blogging has gone by the wayside, naturally, and while I'm waiting to hear the fate of my entire life and sanity, I offer you a tiny piece of advice:


In other news, Viv and I had a lot I fun in Utah, where it SNOWED IN APRIL!!!!!!!!!!!

And we were not impressed one tiny bit.

We got to see lots of family, including my brother who Viv is officially not terrified of anymore, and some cute cousins too.

We got to see some of our favorite little friends too and watch them growl at each other and stuff.

And all of this while watching my little sister dominate the pitching circle.

And then there was the usual, like this amazing concoction at my favorite little pizza place in cedar. Namely, vanilla bean gelato, drizzled with olive oil (yes), balsamic reduction glaze (YES), and then sprinkled with sea salt (YES!!). You haven't lived, I tell you.

And then it was conference weekend, and you know how that goes. Food and amazing talks and lots of hallelujahs and stuff.

But really, can I get a hallelujah for the new TEMPLE IN CEDAR!! Rumors have been flying since forever, so it was so exciting to hear it from the prophet's very own mouth. An two seconds later, you should have seen my Facebook feed. Blown. Up.

And anyway, if I was on my not-kaput computer instead of my stupid phone, I would tell you a few of my favorite talks with links and all that techy stuff, but alas.

Suffice it to say, Elder Clayton? One of my favorites. Elder Perry? Layed it DOWN. Any women wondering if they should wear pants to get the priesthood just got it handed to them. Boom.
And of course, Elder Holland sweeping in all the awards. Duh.


Vivian learned that she likes to push the cart instead of ride in it, so my life just became as slow moving as a snail and errands are a thing of the past. But you know how that goes.

So yes. Sorry if this is formatted all weird and ugly, and I know it must be a rambling concoction of boring....but, you know. I had to.


  1. Glad you're back. I don't see you but I missed you! ha. Olive oil on Ice Cream? I might have to try this. and love your women wearing pants and priesthood comment!

    the other thing about external hard drives is sometimes they don't work either. yeah that's our issue.

  2. I'm sorry about your computer!! My worst nightmare! I will be getting and external hard drive ASAP! Missed you by a week my friend!! You and Viv are basically models and I'm glad you got to enjoy the snow! ;) one of these days we will cross paths in cedar! Glad you got home safe and back to the warmth! Enjoy it for me! Haha

  3. i must have missed the part of conference where the pant-wearing feminists got it handed to them. that made me laugh though. Soo sorry about yoru computer! I hope they can get your pictures back at least- i would die!

  4. I still don't understand women's problem with wearing skirts or dresses to church?? or the fact that people were seriously surprised and excited that a woman said a prayer in general conference?! if Heavenly Father cares WHO says a prayer more than WHAT is being said in the prayer.
    Anyway, yes, they handed it alright.

    Glenna May



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