farmer's market tuesdays


There's Regular Tuesday, and then there's Farmer's Market Tuesday.


Farmer's Market Tuesdays make my entire week, because I usually end up with some major produce that tastes fantastic and is cheaper than anything store bought. The weather is beautiful, the people watching is superb, and the experience is sublime. If my schedule permits (since it's always packed full of....gosh, nothing!), Viv and I make it a point to get to the Farmer's Market every week to spend our afternoon there, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. It's right in downtown, on a little square of grass surrounded by local businesses, restaurants and a half-price book store.



Little pop up shops line the sidewalks of the plaza. You can always smell the faint smoke of  wood-fired artisan pizza, and the crackle of the best caramel kettle corn you'll ever have drifts in wafts across your face almost constantly as music weaves in and out of your ears. The crepe tent always tempts me, with its yolky batter and sizzling butter, caramelizing the sugar into a trance. Owners pace like cats behind the stands, offering free samples and "just a taste, miss!". I often feel like I'm Jasmine in Aladdin at the market. People squeeze their words together quickly to get in a sales pitch before you can say no, or fast enough to tantalize you into saying yes.



The monochromatic rainbow of oranges at the market now are dripping with sweetness, so succulent are the pieces that you can't help but, yes I'll take 5 please. And the strawberries, lined up in rows upon rows of rouge, shiny and plump, waiting to drip across your fingers  and leave you sucking your teeth in hopes of a leftover piece.



But what I love about the market most is the freshness that it leaves me with. I feel the earth come up to meet me with roots just yanked from its embrace, crumbling and warm and earthy. The smell is organic and real. I am always left wondering at the beauty that is nature, with all of its colors and variety. The sunshine is reviving, and the busy chaos is surprisingly peaceful and reassuring. I bring my designated park blanket with its poppy brightness always cheerfully juxtaposed against the emerald of the grass, and lay down with feet crossed at the ankles, watching my social butterfly of a toddler stare at all the older kids and explore the new terrain. I usually enjoy a crepe or a pizza or a salad, Viv venturing over to steal a mouthful before stumbling away again, looking for a new friend or something else foreign to put in her mouth.



Between intermittent bites from a grinning baby and refreshing dappled shade, I feel like my coming week is doable. I am fortified by nature. By the time we have leisurely picked up and packed up our traveling circus, it is naptime for the babe and reading for me.


So I cut my fresh flowers, and prop them in old whiskey bottles on the table, kick off my sandals and settle into the relaxed quite of the house to read.

IMG_0704 fix

IMG_0705 fix

IMG_0710 fix

And so goes a Tuesday.
Happy Earth Day!


  1. Sounds absolutely gorgeous! I wish there were something like that around here!

  2. Oh so gorgeous!!! I LOVE the farmers market! Ours starts may 4th and I cannot wait! Thanks for getting me do excited! Those flowers are gorgeous! :)

  3. I love going to local farmers markets! This looks like so much fun!




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