How to rock a neck brace: part three


Part three of the series in which I demonstrate how to make having a neck brace look cooler than not having a neck brace. Stick around for more ideas if you're interested in upping your fashion knowledge and gaining the respect of basically everyone.

If you have had the good fortune of sporting a neck brace, you know that the good people at the neck brace institutes don't just provide you with one day-to-day neck brace.

No no.

They provide you with a second, more awesome specialty neck brace meant to bring out the softer side in you....and make it possible to shower without ruining the bling on your other brace.

Though it may not seem like it, it can be difficult to feel sexy while wearing a neck brace.

But with the help of myself, you can go from looking

 like this:

To this:

The nude neck brace!
Originally waterproof and meant for showering, I thought that maybe they could be put to better use.

You see, while wearing a neck brace, your beautiful neck meat rarely shows.
And let's face it...if your significant other wants to kiss your neck, your neck brace will act like a chastity belt ...but for your neck. And, you know...


With the nude neck brace, you can create the illusion that your neck is bare. It basically looks like your neck brace is GONE!

So if you're looking to feel sexy tonight, have a hott date or just want to switch it up, get rid of that blinged out piece, and slide into something more scandalous.

Bye bye bling.
Hello nude.

The nude neck brace.
The new(d) you.

ps: Maybe I went too far? I think I went too far. 


  1. i am in love with this series! if only i was actually rocking a neck brace so i could try out these amazing tips. but alas, i'm not one of the cool kids. maybe someday i could be so fortunate to wear one.



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