How to rock a neck brace: part dos


Part two of the series in which I demonstrate how to make having a neck brace look cooler than not having a neck brace. Stick around for more ideas if you're interested in upping your fashion knowledge. Some real winners are coming your way!

This is my mantra lately. As if a neck brace doesn't draw enough attention, a bedazzled neck brace draws in the masses. Little girls love my jewelry, old men scoff me for looking so "gaudy", black guys comment on my "grillz", and the women love my blinged out accessory. It's an attention grabber, for sure.

And although I was pretty self-conscious about it, it's starting to grow on, I feel like it actually might be attaching itself to my skin. We are together day and night, 24/7, besides those few precious moments of air and freedom when I get to take it off and switch into my waterproof brace when I shower.

Anyway, I figure, If I'm going to draw attention, why not make it awesome?
The fact of the matter is, I am rocking this neck brace, and people know it.

I don't care that I look totally ridiculous. In fact, I love that I do. And that, my friends, is the key to rocking ANYTHING.

To attest to that, I asked my good friend to come over and take some glamour shots for me, 80's style. I ratted my hair. I used the bluest eye shadow I could find. I used so much blush it looks like I got beaten like a red-headed step-child.

For this segment of how to rock a neck brace? My advice to you is to rock it.
Embrace that you look silly and run with it.

Also this:
Go get glamour shots. It does wonders for your ego.

 photo IMG_0326fix_zpsfa5af09b.jpg

 photo IMG_0342fix_zpsde936a20.jpg

 photo IMG_0354fix_zps617e856c.jpg

 photo IMG_0332fix_zps4284225e.jpg

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zpse0e222fe.png

 photo IMG_0381_zpsa44a434c.jpg

 photo IMG_0389_zps0c389f12.jpg

It was all fun and games until we got the crazy idea to keep dressing up....and putting more makeup on...and surprising our husbands...and making them take us to a public restaurant on a Friday night.

I mean, it just got crazy from there.
Like, really crazy.
And then my neck started hurting, and I had to take my medicine, and things just came unglued.

 photo IMG_0399_zpsa50d11d0.jpg

 photo IMG_0398fix_zpsee51c873.jpg

 photo PicMonkeyCollage2_zpsb15be012.png

The only pieces of evidence left from that night are an obscure video of my being completely, un-recreationally high (and I think I must be hilarious when I am high), a bare shred of pride, some left over pizza, and this:

 I just....Ya. I don't even know.

Moral of the story:
Have fun with it
Be silly
Act ridiculous
Who cares.

Amy Poehler knows her freakin' stuff.

Stick around for more great ideas on how to look cooler than you already do. Coming soon!


  1. This is awesome! Way to rock the neck-brace!


  2. i am laughing out loud.
    this is HILARIOUS.
    i want to be your friend.

  3. hahaha this is amazing. you make that neck brace look good!

  4. I AM DYING!!! hahaha these pictures are hilarious! Love you and your attitude :)

  5. You look like napolean dynamite's girlfriend

  6. Haha. This turned out hilarious. I love what you did with it. You nailed the 80's glamour. Also, can I just say that I look like I came out of a polygamist gone wild video. Seriously what is up with my hair? Haha. Can we do this again? What is our next theme

  7. oh here i am commenting again- ummm, remember how i'm real jealous that i was not invited to this polygamist gone wild 80's style head shot photo shoot? thanks a lot guys. yeah - i'm saying it. i'm doing that awkward thing when the girl who doesn't get invited to the party just comes out and says that she's butt hurt about it instead of passively aggressively pretending she's not. yes i just said passively aggressively. and yes i think i should be invited next time!!!!! and yes this is awkward. sorry. but seriously. i want in next time.



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