Happy Easter!

I love Easter because of what it represents.
Easter represents hope. It represents new beginnings. It represents a fresh start. Just like the Earth is renewed and made fresh by the rain during the springtime, I feel like Easter time renews and refreshes me. It reminds me that there is hope beyond the thunderclouds of heartache and sadness. That although sometimes it may seem like the darkness will never leave, beyond the clouds is just a peek of a rainbow or a glimpse of a bright spring flower. Between the bright colors and new flowers and rain-revived soil, Easter is my new beginning. Just as the rain revives the flowers, Easter revives my soul, and is the reminder that my life is beautiful.

Most importantly, Easter is humbling, because of my Savior, Jesus Christ. Because of him, I know that we will all live to be with our loved ones again. Though the heartache of loss is so encompassing as to be disabling, I am so incredibly grateful for the knowledge that my Savior died for us. He suffered unimaginably, and then willingly died for me, because he loves me. He knows me. And he loves and knows each of us. And I am eternally grateful for that knowledge and opportunity.

Happy Easter, whether you celebrate it or not.
 Here's to new beginnings.
 Here's to a fresh start.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thought on Easter, this was beautiful!




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