a-walking we will go


This whole not-being-able-to-drive-thing is going to be the death of me, I know it.

Viv and I thrive on getting out of the house at LEAST once a day....and if we don't, all hell breaks loose.

So, luckily with Dale working from home, sometimes we will steal him from his makeshift office in our room and make him take us to the park for walks and swinging.

On this particular day, it was supposed to be a little warmer, but ended up being that kind of broody, bruised-colored cloudy day where the sun fights its way fleetingly through the broiling clouds. The rolling empty hills are reminiscent of what I imagine is Ireland, and purple and white blossoms have started to bloom, but most of the trees are stark and bare.

 photo IMG_0472fix_zps6fde62fa.jpg

That juxtaposition of sharp, naked branches against a brooding sky is deeply romantic to me in a way. The skies leave me homesick and longing for something just out of my consciousness.

 photo IMG_0523fix_zps1edfc3c8.jpg

And so on this particularly chilly day, we decided to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful weather.

 photo IMG_0518_zpsf9e99fdf.jpg

 photo IMG_0520fix_zps4bb7109c.jpg

 photo IMG_0526fix_zps34c57927.jpg

 photo IMG_0533fix_zpsb1e4b11b.jpg

 photo IMG_0536fix_zps0ef27254.jpg

And after making about .5 miles, we decided it was cold and turned around. After all, exercising with a bedazzled neck brace is hard....or something....

And then, to appease my ever-growing, toddler-shape-shifter of a daughter, we let her play in the sand and swing in the brisk air.....

 photo IMG_0545fix_zps48df30a7.jpg

 photo IMG_0549fix_zps62fa8d5b.jpg

 photo IMG_0551_zps7bcf51fe.jpg

....with no socks. Because we are winning the Best Parents of the Year award this year. Surprised you haven't heard.


  1. So fun!! It looks gorgeous there! You have such a cute family elyse!! Miss ya and you really do rock that neck brace!! :)

  2. What a cute little girl! She is adorable!


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